“Total Eclipse of the Heart” with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna | The Grid Ep 598

April 3, 2024

In this episode of The Grid, Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna dive into the exciting world of solar eclipse photography. They have a discussion on preparing for the upcoming solar eclipse, featuring tips for capturing this rare astronomical event. The conversation also includes details about upcoming photography workshops and the Lightroom conference. Erik provides in-depth advice on using telephoto lenses for eclipse photography, the importance of solar filters, and safety tips for protecting both your eyes and the camera sensor. 







▶  “ I suggest bracketing because you’re taking a shot every so often if you bracket and do not bracket like a one-stop bracket, like two stops, two stops up, two stops down. That way, you won’t miss an exposure. Just put it on bracketing.”

▶  “I always tell people to get the biggest monitor you can afford. But you’re looking at it, and you’re making a judgment on noise based on this big. Yes, you’re going to see noise on 100% at an image size. No one’s going to see it. That’s why I  always tell photographers to stop looking at your image at a size that no one will ever see but you.”


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