The Grid – Travel Photography Q and A with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna – Episode 517

June 8, 2022

In this episode, Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna discuss an extensive backup strategy for photographers while traveling, emphasizing the importance of never losing images. The strategy includes daily backups from memory cards to a laptop and keeping the memory cards until returning home, given their low cost. It also highlights having an external hard drive for a third copy of the backups and utilizing cloud storage as a fourth precautionary backup measure. The discussion includes choosing the right memory card and shedding light on the misconception about needing the most expensive ones. Additionally, it covers the practice of keeping backups in different physical locations, especially when staying in hotels, to mitigate theft risks.




▶  “If you take a giant card and, for whatever reason, that card gets lost, stolen, or broken, you’ve lost everything. If you take a series of smaller cards, you can only lose what’s on the smaller cards. So, there is a school of thought that is; you’re better off having several small capacities than putting all your eggs in one basket.”

▶  “When you’re traveling, spend some time planning beforehand. And really planning like, what you’re trying to accomplish as a photographer. What shots are you going after? That’s a big thing when you’re traveling, making sure that you understand where the light’s gonna come from when the sun’s gonna rise. You’ve got to plan that stuff.”


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