The Grid – How to Get Access to Photograph Where The Public Can’t with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna – Episode 587

January 11, 2024

Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna share their insights on how to gain exclusive access to photograph places where the public can’t. They recount their own experience of successfully getting permission through media accreditation. But they also disclose less conventional – but still legal ways – to open every door and further your photography as a career or a hustle.



▶ The traditional way to get access is through accreditation via a media agency, and before you can think of it, you need a body of work.
▶ There are alternative ways to get access or hacks, but it’s all about building a rapport and finding legitimacy
▶ “To do the shoot, I gave a print to the guy that runs the pyro, the guy you have to get permission from. And I was invited back with great zeal to shoot since.”

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