Photography Website Critiques with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna | The Grid Ep 597

March 27, 2024

This week’s episode provides professional critiques and actionable tips for elevating photography portfolio websites. Hosts discuss the importance of layout, design, and image selection, focusing on how to showcase top photographic work effectively. The critiques cover various websites, pointing out aspects that work well alongside areas needing improvement, such as simplifying layouts and optimizing for mobile. The video is interactive, featuring live critiques, viewer feedback, and prize offerings, all aimed at helping photographers create compelling and professional online portfolios.





▶  “ Make your portfolio site with your best images, and if everybody hits your best images, they’re going to immediately think you’re an excellent photographer.”

▶  “Big means impact. Why do we always want to make bigger and bigger prints? Because seeing them big is a whole different experience. When you look at that, it just has an impact.”


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