VIP Coaching Session Live – Feb. 2024 – How To Sell Your Images

February 8, 2024

Join Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna in an enlightening session featuring special guest Patrick Shanahan from Art Storefronts, as they delve into the nuances of selling photography online. This episode covers a broad spectrum of topics essential for photographers looking to establish or enhance their online presence. The discussion begins with foundational steps such as selecting the right platform for your store, deciding on product offerings, and navigating the logistics of fulfilling orders with various photo labs.

As the conversation progresses, the focus shifts to the critical aspect of any online business: the marketing strategy. With Patrick’s expertise, the trio explores effective techniques and strategies to market your online store. They discuss how to connect with your target audience, increase your store’s visibility, and drive sales through strategic marketing efforts.

This session is designed to provide photographers with a comprehensive understanding of both the technical setup and the marketing prowess needed to succeed in the competitive online marketplace. Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to refine your approach, this discussion offers valuable insights and practical advice for anyone interested in selling their photography online.