VIP Coaching Session Live – Jan. 2024 – How To Copyright Your Images

January 4, 2024

In this pivotal session, we tackled two essential tasks for every photographer’s 2024 roadmap: Copyright registration and entering a prestigious photography competition.

First up, learn the intricacies of copyrighting up to 750 images, a vital process to safeguard your creative work. We’ve navigated the complex procedures and boiled them down to simple steps, even covering the quirky fact that the Firefox Browser is the only one compatible with the copyright office’s online system. Don’t miss the crucial insights and spreadsheet template provided to streamline your filing.

Then, shift gears to excitement as we dive into submitting your best 2023 shots to a major worldwide photography competition. With categories ranging from Architecture to Travel, your creativity has no bounds. Our session walks you through the selection process, offering tips on picking images that stand out.

Every detail, every step, covered in one dynamic session. Don’t let this chance slip away to arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence to protect and showcase your photography. Watch the replay now and embark on a journey of securing and celebrating your artistic achievements!