The Grid – Open Q&A with Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna and Dave Clayton – Episode 590

January 31, 2024

In this episode, Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna, and their special guest Dave Clayton talk about the latest releases and developments in terms of software and discussions on cameras and editing tools. Clayton also gives hints about his upcoming KelbyOne class on typography, which aims to enhance the use of text in photography. The episode rounds up with a freewheeling Q&A session about photography, design, and more.



▶  “There will be photo competitions where they ask you to disclose what you did in Photoshop. They’re not like, Oh, nobody uses Photoshop. Everybody uses Photoshop. They just want to let you know what you did.”

▶  “The ND Gradient Filter is the filter we actually need the least. I don’t even use them anymore. That is something that’s actually better. Most things are better on camera, except for ND Gradients. It’s actually better to do it in Lightroom or in Camera Raw than it is to do it in real life.”

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