The Grid Grab Bag with Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna, & Guests Joe McNally & Dan Harlacher | The Grid Ep 594

March 6, 2024

In this episode, viewers are treated to a variety of photography insights, updates, and exciting announcements. The episode kicks off with a discussion about the legendary Joe McNally sharing his experiences live from the WPPI show in Las Vegas. The hosts then delve into the world of AI noise reduction, showcasing new and impressive techniques. Furthermore, the episode covers the launch of a Lightroom conference and offers a Lightroom sharpening tip for portraits.





▶  “ That’s the key with noise reduction, and till a few years ago, a lot of noise reduction just really blurred or softened your image. It really wasn’t removing the noise where this is wiping out the noise. It’s like you shot that shot at 12800 ISO and it’s like you wiped it down to like 800 ISO or 400 ISO. It’s like you just wiped out the noise. That’s crazy stuff. 

▶  “So what we’ve done for many, many years in Photoshop was we would go to Photoshop, duplicate the layer, apply a ton of sharpening and then take the paintbrush and mask out all the skin. It took forever, but we had to do it. Believe it or not, Lightroom has a feature that will do all of that for you automatically on a slider, and it’s brilliant.”


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