The Grid – 10 Inexpensive Photography Tips to Ignite Your Creativity – Episode 337

June 15, 2018

Join Erik Kuna, Mark Rodriguez, and Gilmar Smith as they divulge their top 10 inexpensive tricks for boosting creativity in photography – don’t miss this episode of The Grid!

Here are the 10 Inexpensive Photography Tips to ignite your creativity:

  1. Stop Obsessing about gear
  2. Obsess about Planning
  3. Create a Personal Projects or Self-Portrait series
  4. Collaborate/Partner with other photographers/artists
  5. Never stop learning, Find great Training and Education
  6. Attend Conferences, Workshops or Photowalks
  7. Learn the Rules then Break the Rule
  8. Dabble in Other Arts like photoshop, drawing, painting, etc.
  9. Share your work but ask for feedback from the right people
  10. Have Fun

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