The Lightroom Mobile Book: How to Extend the Power of What You Do in Lightroom on Your Mobile Device

by Scott Kelby
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The best-selling Lightroom book author of all time is back to show you, step by step, how to unlock the power of Lightroom Mobile, and extend the power and reach of what you do in Lightroom on your desktop.

This entire book explains everything in Scott’s trademark style—he takes you through learning Lightroom Mobile just like he’d tell a friend, leaving all the techno-jargon and behind-the-scenes math stuff out. He gets straight to the point to show you how to get up and running fast, how to make the most out of Lightroom Mobile’s amazing capabilities, and even how to use it to do things that Lightroom for the desktop can’t do.

Just the Funk and Not the Junk!

Scott’s been working with Lightroom Mobile from the very beginning and teaches Lightroom Mobile classes at the Photo­shop World Conference each year. He knows first-hand which parts of the process users struggle with and where they get confused, and he knows exactly how to get you past those stumbling blocks and really enjoying the newfound freedom editing on a mobile device can bring.

You’ll learn all about organization, editing, and sharing—the entire process. And, you’ll be up and editing like a boss in no time.

Special Bonus Video

As a learning bonus, Scott created a special video just for readers of this book, where he takes you through his own Lightroom Mobile workflow, from start to finish. You’ll see exactly how he uses it in is own work, and it will help you totally “get” how to make Lightroom Mobile work for you.

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