It’s Not About The f-Stop


You are about to go on a visual journey and learning adventure with one of the greatest photographers of all time, Mr. Jay Maisel – a true living legend whose work has impacted, informed, and inspired generations of photographers from all over the world. Now, for the first time ever, Jay’s amazing insights, captivating stories, and expressive images have come together in a groundbreaking book that has the power to change the way you think and create photography forever.

In It’s Not About the f-Stop, Jay takes you beyond the buttons and dials on your camera to teach you the most important parts of photography: how to finally “see” like a photographer, and how to capture the world around you in a way that delights, intrigues, and challenges the viewer.

This book uncovers the true craft and storytelling power of photography, and Jay does it in a way that makes you truly realize that the secret to creating the type of images you’ve always dreamed of isn’t about the f-stop, it’s about something much more significant, and much more fulfilling. You are holding the book that can open your eyes, engage your mind, and unlock your creative potential in a way you’ve never experienced before. Come and join Jay on this fascinating journey of words, wisdom, and vision as you take a big leap forward in the understanding and creation of your photography.

You will never “see” the same again.

About Jay Maisel

Photographer Jay Maisel’s career spans 61 years. His name has become synonyamous with vibrant color photography that uses light and gesture to create countless unforgettable images for advertising, editorial, and corporate communications. In addition, his pictures appear in books and private, corporate, and museum collections. Some of his commercial accomplishments include five Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers, the first two covers of New York magazine, and the cover of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. Included among his many awards for excellence are the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame, American Society of Media Photographers’ Photographer of the Year Award, and the International Center of Photography’s Infinity Award.

Since he stopped taking on commercial work in the late 1990s, Jay has continued to focus on his personal work. A graduate of Cooper Union and Yale University, he continues his education by teaching younger photographers at workshops, seminars, and lectures around the world, and has developed a reputation as a giving and inspiring teacher.

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