Portrait Retouching:
Men vs. Women

March 2017

When it comes to retouching men vs. women, the features we want to accentuate or diminish are oceans apart.

Tethering for Better B&W

Issue 28

Learn how to use tethering in Lightroom to create beautiful B&W portraits and fashion images.

Sharpening Workflow

February 2017

Martin Evening tells us how and when to use the tools in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop to keep our images looking sharp.

Under the Loupe

Issue 27

Learn how to start over from scratch in Lightroom without losing all of your hard work.

The Photoshop Ecosystem

January 2017

Learn how to use the Creative Cloud and mobile apps to take your productivity on the road.

Lightroom Laboratory

Issue 26

In this brand-new column by Serge Ramelli, learn how to turn a photograph taken in bad weather into an amazing shot in Lightroom.

Holiday Gear Guide

December 2016

It's hard to believe that it's been 11 years since Scott Kelby started his "Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide" tradition in Photoshop User.

Developing the Shot

Issue 25

Using Dehaze as a local adjustment with the Graduated Filter.

Painting in the 21st Century

November 2016

Photoshop, graphics tablets, and pen computers have given modern-day artists the power to push their creativity beyond the limits of their imaginations.

100 Photoshop Hot Tips

October 2016

These tips will not only help boost your productivity but they’ll also kick your creativity into high gear.

Lightroom Workshop

Issue 24

Using image overlay to fit images to your layout.

Maximum Workflow

Issue 23

LandscapePro is a new plug-in from Anthropics.

Lightroom vs. Capture One Pro

September 2016

Some reviewers claim that Capture One Pro checkmates Lightroom when it comes to rendering RAW files.

Adding Contrast (& How to Use the Tone Curve)

Issue 22

If I had to point to the biggest problem I see in most people’s images, it’s that their images look flat.

Taking Stock

July/August 2016

Overcome creative challenges by skillfully using stock assets.

Under the Loupe

Issue 21

Customizing preference and catalog settings.

Working Together

May/June 2016

The applications and features in Adobe Creative Cloud work well together, and also help photographers and designers work better together.

Lightroom Mobile

Issue 20

It was inevitable that Adobe would have to create a new way to handle and process files on phones and tablets.

The Demo Reel

April 2016

Create amazing video demo reels in Photoshop to help jump-start new career opportunities.

Photoshop World 2016

March 2016

The conference that will carry you away to new worlds of creativity, inspiration, and fun.

Fixing Family Photos in Lightroom

Issue 19

Let’s look to Lightroom to see what can be done to improve or outright fix the most common problems plaguing our family photos.

Creativity Anywhere

February 2016

Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps will help keep your creativity in sync.

Processing Realistic Starscapes

Issue 18

For every outdoor photographer comes a challenge to capture this often awe-inspiring event that occurs with every turn of our globe.

WYSIWYG Printing

January 2016

Getting your prints to match what’s onscreen.

Setting the White Balance

Issue 17

I always start editing my photos by setting the white balance first, because if you get the white balance right, the color is right, and your color correction problems pretty much go away.

10th Annual Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide

December 2015

To be listed here, they have to be products that I use myself, and that I absolutely love, and now can’t live without.

Using One-Click Presets

Issue 16

Lightroom comes with a number of built-in Develop module presets that you can apply to any photo with just one click.

Chromatic Grayscale

November 2015

Vincent Versace is an internationally recognized pioneer in the art and science of digital photography, so we were beyond excited when he agreed to teach us how to make better black-and-white images.

Creating Black-and-White Images

Issue 15

There are two auto conversion methods for converting your images from color to black and white.

The Amazing 100 Photoshop Hot Tips

October 2015

You don't need to fall into a vat of acid or be bitten by a radioactive insect to have Photoshop superpowers that will help you crush your productivity enemies.

Lightroom Workshop

Issue 14

Client proofing using Lightroom on your mobile device.

Architectural Photography

September 2015

Learn how to take amazing exterior and interior shots and then edit them from the ground up in Photoshop.

The One-Page Website

Issue 13

There are times when you’ll need to share a whole series of images with your client so he can pick the images that he’ll ultimately want to use.

After the Shoot

Issue 12

Importing and culling images from outdoor shoots.

Outdoor Photography

July/August 2015

From wildlife to outdoor portraits, learn how to create captivating images that will have a world of impact.

New Features in Lightroom CC

Issue 11

I think Adobe has really done a great job with Lightroom CC, with many added features that will make your workflow easier and more powerful.

Don't Get Soft On Hardware

May/June 2015

It’s important to ensure that the products that support your work are able to handle the archvillains of today’s digital age.

Creating a Realistic Composite

April 2015

Learn everything you need to know to create awesome composites in Photoshop.

A Lightroom Wedding Workflow

March 2015

Let’s explore some ways to be more productive in Lightroom.

Photography, Branding, and Design

February 2015

What should you consider when creating your brand?

Developing a Business Plan

January 2015

I often hear people say that they’re creative, but they’re not that good at business, or that they’re business-minded but not really the artsy type.

Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide

December 2014

Featuring an unbridled collection of 100% absolutely necessary gear that there’s no way we can see clear to live another minute of our hopeless, desperate lives without.

Photographic Illusions

November 2014

In this type of portrait, the planning of the setup and shots is just as important—or perhaps more important—as the postproduction.

Mid-Day Madness

October 2014

What’s a photographer to do when the light isn’t as obviously beautiful as it is at dawn or dusk?

Creating Motion Graphics in Photoshop

September 2014

Photoshop has long been the standard for static image processing, but in this day of social media and smartphones we need it to do more.

Natural Selections

July/August 2014

Creating better and faster selections in Photoshop.

Altered States

May/June 2014

Compositing with photographic elements can crack open a limitless realm of wonderful possibilities.

Photoshop for Professional Video

April 2014

While many Photoshop users immediately think Photoshop is only used for photography, it’s actually used to manipulate pixels of all kinds.

Superfast Portrait Retouching

March 2014

Self-employed photographers must follow many rules, but without clients walking through the door, none of those rules matter.

Photoshop and Lightroom: The Dynamic Duo

February 2014

Photoshop and Lightroom are at the core of many photographers’ imaging workflows.

The Digital Laboratory

January 2014

Our lab is Photoshop, and all its tools are our bubbling beakers and sizzling electrodes.