Wedding Photography: Rapid-Fire Tips and Tricks

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Watch Wedding Photography: Rapid-Fire Tips and Tricks

In the end, you'll come away with an arsenal of solid techniques that you can put to work right away for better photos and higher profits.

Lesson 1 : Shooting in Natural Surroundings
Lesson 2 : Avoiding the Dappled Lighting
Lesson 3 : Building the Photograph
Lesson 4 : Longer Focal Length
Lesson 5 : Head and Shoulders Shot
Lesson 6 : Pampas Grass Background
Lesson 7 : Bright, Direct Sunlight
Lesson 8 : Checking for Blinkies
Lesson 9 : Brick Background
Lesson 10 : Working with Available Light
Lesson 11 : Leading Lines
Lesson 12 : Finding a Location
Lesson 13 : Classic Profile Views
Lesson 14 : Directional Light
Lesson 15 : Posing for the Final Shots

David Ziser | Wedding Photography Lighting & Business Expert

David Ziser

David Ziser is an internationally renowned wedding photographer who shares his knowledge with tens of thousands of photographers worldwide (and in five languages!) David is one of 97 worldwide who hold the highest honor of "Fellow" bestowed by the American Society of Photographers.

Watch Wedding Photography: Rapid-Fire Tips and Tricks

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