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Wedding Photography: Stunning Off- Camera Flash Photography Techniques
David Ziser
with David Ziser
Wedding Photography: Stunning Off- Camera Flash Photography Techniques
lessons: 15 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 8min
published: 2008
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Wedding Photography: Stunning Off- Camera Flash Photography Techniques
with David Ziser
Professional wedding photographer David Ziser takes us through his processes during a bridal shoot while utilizing an off-camera flash BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction and Solving Problems (free course preview)

Every wedding location is different and comes with its own set of challenges for photographers

5min, 16sec
lesson 2: In Front of the Altar

Here are some tips for using directional lighting and for posing your subject

4min, 41sec
lesson 3: Setting Up Your Off-Camera Flash

Diffusing your flash through an umbrella will soften the light on your subject

8min, 6sec
lesson 4: Highlights Next to Shadows

Using your off-camera flash to illuminate your subject's face and creating a nose shadow

5min, 17sec
lesson 5: Correcting Exposure

There's the blinky method for identifying and eliminating blown-out highlights

2min, 42sec
lesson 6: Changing Composition

Positioning your subject in the classic S curve, and reducing shutter speed to lighten the background

6min, 28sec
lesson 7: Adjust the Pose

Shooting the subject from different angles and using the subject to cover objects in the background

4min, 16sec
lesson 8: Spice It Up

Using a small, floor flash to illuminate the bride's veil

1min, 24sec
lesson 9: Stained Glass Background

Shooting the bride in front of a colored window

7min, 13sec
lesson 10: Survey the Surroundings

It's always good to walk around a new location and find the best angles for your shots

2min, 56sec
lesson 11: Bouncing the Light

One technique is to bounce the off-camera flash off of a white wall which will produce a large, diffused light source

3min, 6sec
lesson 12: Beautiful Bridal Images

Playing with the location, the pose, the light source, and the shutter speed in order to get an eye-catching set of images

7min, 7sec
lesson 13: Looking For a Background

Keep an eye out for interesting backgrounds that really fit your bridal portrait

2min, 40sec
lesson 14: The Floof and Run

You might need an extra pair of hands to accomplish this bridal shot setup

3min, 25sec
lesson 15: Cheating the Shutter

One more portrait technique and a summary of everything we covered in the course

3min, 53sec
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David Ziser
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David Ziser is an internationally renowned wedding photographer who shares his knowledge with tens of thousands of photographers worldwide (and in five languages!) David is one of 97 worldwide who hold the highest honor of "Fellow" bestowed by the American Society of Photographers.
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