Wacom Tablets for Photographers

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Looking to get the most out of your Wacom pen tablet, or just wondering what benefits a tablet can bring to your photography workflow? Then join Wes Maggio, Senior Evangelist for Creative Products at Wacom, for an in-depth look at how a pen tablet can help you bring out the best in your images and do it more efficiently than any other input device. A pen tablet provides a level of control that is just not possible to obtain with a mouse or trackpad. In this class Wes carefully explains the principles behind pen input and pressure sensitivity, then walks you through a series of practical photographic examples that demonstrates the strengths of a tablet workflow. Along the way you will learn how to customize the settings to fit your needs, how to take advantage of multi-touch input and functions, how to use a tablet in a dual-display environment, and what to consider when choosing the right tablet for your workflow.

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : Principles of Pen Input
Lesson 3 : Pressure Sensitivity
Lesson 4 : Practical Examples: Part 1
Lesson 5 : Practical Examples: Part 2
Lesson 6 : Practical Examples: Part 3
Lesson 7 : Practical Examples: Part 4
Lesson 8 : Practical Examples: Part 5
Lesson 9 : Customizing Tablet Settings
Lesson 10 : Customizing Pen Settings
Lesson 11 : Multi-Touch Input
Lesson 12 : Functions
Lesson 13 : Using Dual Displays
Lesson 14 : Precision Mode
Lesson 15 : Backing Up Preferences
Lesson 16 : Choosing the Right Tablet

Weston (Wes) Maggio | Senior Evangelist for Creative Products at Wacom

Weston (Wes) Maggio

Wes is the Director of Business Development for Tether Tools, a leading provider of accessories for professional photographers. Wes regularly consults with creative professionals providing instruction on ways to realize their vision and optimize their workflow. A passionate trainer and speaker, he speaks at industry events around the world and contributes to a number of creative magazines and webinars.

Watch Wacom Tablets for Photographers

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