Dreamweaver Crash Course, Part 2

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Take your Web design skills to the next level with Dreamweaver's template features, which make it easy to create new pages quickly and make global updates to many pages at once. You will learn how to insert Flash video, embed code for video from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites, and even create Javascript rollover effects.

Lesson 1 : Overview
Lesson 2 : Setting Up the Site
Lesson 3 : Creating a Navigation Menu
Lesson 4 : Working with Templates
Lesson 5 : Creating Templates with Editable Regions
Lesson 6 : Creating Pages from a Template
Lesson 7 : Making Global Updates by Editing a Template
Lesson 8 : Using CSS to Change Template Designs
Lesson 9 : Detaching and Attaching Templates
Lesson 10 : Saving Any Page as a Dreamweaver Template
Lesson 11 : Embedding Code from YouTube
Lesson 12 : Inserting Flash Videos
Lesson 13 : Creating a Simple Rollover Image
Lesson 14 : Creating Complex Rollover Effects

Janine Warner | Internationally Known Web Design Expert

Janine Warner

Janine’s best-selling books and videos on web design have won her an international following. Since 1996, she's written more than a dozen books about the Internet, including Web Sites For Dummies, Dreamweaver For Dummies, and Mobile Web Design For Dummies. She hosts a variety of Web design training videos on Adobe Dreamweaver and CSS. She is also the creator of the web design-training site DigitalFamily.com.

Watch Dreamweaver Crash Course, Part 2

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