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Pro Techniques for Retouching Clothing
Viktor Fejes
with Viktor Fejes
Learn how to retouch clothing like a pro with Viktor Fejes! Retouching clothing requires its own set of tools, tricks, and techniques, and Viktor takes you through a series of exer... READ MORE
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lessons: 14 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 7min
published: 2018
watched: 1696 Member Views
Pro Techniques for Retouching Clothing
with Viktor Fejes
Learn how to retouch clothing like a pro with Viktor Fejes! Retouching clothing requires its own set of tools, tricks, and techniques, and Viktor takes you through a series of exercises that demonstrates how to get the job done. In this class you’ll learn everything from removing wrinkles to toning down shiny surfaces, removing moire patterns to cleaning up dust, defining the shape of your subject to changing the color of the clothing, and so much more. All of the files used in the class are available for download so you can work along as you watch, or refer back to them later for practice. By the end of the class your digital ironing skills will be taken to a new level and you’ll have a whole new set of retouching solutions to whatever clothing problems you encounter. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)
Join Victor as he introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow.
1min, 28sec
lesson 2: Fixing the Outline: Part 1
The outline of the clothing defines the shape of the subject. Learn how to fix the outline.
10min, 49sec
lesson 3: Fixing the Outline: Part 2
Sometimes the outline isn’t as easy to fix with just the liquify tool alone.
6min, 51sec
lesson 4: Fixing the Collar
Sometimes there is a problem with the fit of the clothing on a model, and the retoucher’s job is to fix it.
18min, 6sec
lesson 5: Pulling Up a Shirt
Learn how to fix the neckline of a shirt.
8min, 13sec
lesson 6: Retouching Wrinkles
Removing wrinkles from clothing is a very common retouching task.
12min, 55sec
lesson 7: Digital Ironing
Sometimes you need to remove wrinkles from more complex textures.
16min, 9sec
lesson 8: Toning Down Shine
There are some clothing items that shine, and in this lesson you’ll learn how to reduce that shine.
8min, 47sec
lesson 9: Dust and Scratches
Darker materials will often show dust, lint, and other imperfections that need to be removed.
10min, 12sec
lesson 10: Removing More Complex Imperfections
Sometimes you’ll need more complex techniques to remove imperfections from a fabric.
7min, 24sec
lesson 11: Removing Moire
Certain fabrics can show a rainbow effect called moire that need to be removed.
6min, 15sec
lesson 12: Changing Color: Part 1
Using the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer you can change the color of clothing.
5min, 34sec
lesson 13: Changing Color: Part 2
Here’s a more complex method for changing the color of clothing.
13min, 11sec
lesson 14: Conclusion
Viktor wraps up the class with some closing thoughts to help you move forward with the techniques learned in the class.
1min, 30sec
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Viktor Fejes
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High-End Retoucher & Found of GILD Studios
Viktor Fejes is a top, high-end photo retoucher with an international clientele, including major magazines and celebrities. He has been using Photoshop since he was eight years old. He is the Head Retoucher and Founder at GILD Studios, a renowned boutique retouching studio known for going the extra mile.
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