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The Essential Elements of Retouching
Viktor Fejes
with Viktor Fejes
lessons: 13 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 4min
published: 2017
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The Essential Elements of Retouching
with Viktor Fejes
Learn the essential elements of retouching. Join Viktor Fejes as he provides you with a solid a foundation for how to approach retouching. This is not a class on how to use the basic tools of retouching, but rather how to think about retouching in a logical and methodical fashion, so that you can develop a workflow to properly retouch a photo from start to finish. You’ll learn how to evaluate an image, how to start in Camera Raw, how to structure your layers in Photoshop, how to use techniques involving false colors to fine tune texture, tones, and color, and all the while gaining a firm understanding for why you would approach retouching in this way. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Where to Begin (free course preview)
Join Victor as he introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow.
2min, 8sec
lesson 2: How to Think About Retouching
We are in the business of selling images, and this should inform your approach to retouching.
6min, 40sec
lesson 3: How an Image is Built
5min, 35sec
lesson 4: Raw Conversion
Your approach to your raw conversion is based upon the goals of your project.
5min, 30sec
lesson 5: Structure Your Layers
You can create a non-destructive workflow by properly structuring your layers.
7min, 50sec
lesson 6: False Colors
False color is very important, and it’s origins come from the movie industry to help you retouch your photos.
21min, 23sec
lesson 7: Destructive Editing
There will often be instances where some destructive editing has to be done, so your approach to when in your workflow it is done becomes very important.
8min, 6sec
lesson 8: Texture
Cleaning up the texture in a portrait is an important step in the overall workflow.
23min, 22sec
lesson 9: Tones: Global Adjustments
The first step is a global tone adjustment using adjustment layers.
8min, 42sec
lesson 10: Tones: Local Adjustments
Dodging and burning is the classic local tonal adjustment made by retouchers.
17min, 2sec
lesson 11: Color
Colors are important for unifying the image. Adjusting hue and saturation will have a big impact.
12min, 1sec
lesson 12: Finishing Up
From adding contrast to sharpening, there are a number of techniques you can apply to complete your retouching process.
4min, 20sec
lesson 13: Closing Thoughts
Victor wraps up the class with some closing thoughts on where to go from here.
1min, 35sec
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Viktor Fejes
meet  Viktor Fejes
High-End Retoucher & Found of GILD Studios
Viktor Fejes is a top, high-end photo retoucher with an international clientele, including major magazines and celebrities. He has been using Photoshop since he was eight years old. He is the Head Retoucher and Founder at GILD Studios, a renowned boutique retouching studio known for going the extra mile.
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