Jaw-Dropping, Heart-Stopping, Eye-Popping Photoshop Effects

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Watch Jaw-Dropping, Heart-Stopping, Eye-Popping Photoshop Effects

Join Unmesh Dinda and take your Photoshop skills to the next level! This class is jam-packed with tricks and techniques that will make your jaw drop. You’ll learn how to retouch any surface without damaging texture, how to selectively apply blur for dramatic effect, how to scale a photo without damaging the main subject, how to automate actions to work faster, how to gain unlimited filters through the Gradient Map, and so much more. Unmesh has a great knack for making complicated techniques simple and approachable, and he even provides files for you to download and practice with as you learn. By this end of the class these lessons will serve as a go-to reference to come back to anytime you need a refresher.

Lesson 1 : Two Magic Controls
Lesson 2 : High Pass Trick
Lesson 3 : Automatic Dodge and Burn
Lesson 4 : Blend If
Lesson 5 : Soft Focus Effect
Lesson 6 : Stretch a Photo Safely
Lesson 7 : The Mother of Special Effects
Lesson 8 : Droplets
Lesson 9 : Targeted Hue and Saturation Adjustment
Lesson 10 : Removing Glare from Glasses
Lesson 11 : Unlimited Filters
Lesson 12 : Skin Softening
Lesson 13 : Refresh Basic Concepts

Unmesh Dinda | India-Based Commercial Retoucher & Photoshop Educator

Unmesh Dinda

Unmesh Dinda is a commercial retoucher and Photoshop educator based in India. He is a winner of Nikon's #IAMShutterbug contest and All India Gold Medal in Digital Painting. He runs a popular Facebook page on photography called "PiXimperfect." His YouTube channel has 300 videos on Photoshop and Lightroom, many of which have been featured on sites like Fstoppers, Shutterbug, SLR Lounge, and PetaPixel.

Watch Jaw-Dropping, Heart-Stopping, Eye-Popping Photoshop Effects

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