Photographing Groups: Small to Large

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Watch Photographing Groups: Small to Large

Photographing groups of people, from small to large, present an array of challenges that range from choosing a suitable location to setting up the lighting, and from posing subjects to engaging uncooperative children. These challenges are only multiplied as the size of your group grows. Join Tony Corbell as he shares from his wealth of experience as a portrait photographer to walk you through all of the aspects of shooting four different configurations of people in four different locations. Each location changes up the size of the group and presents new lighting problems to solve. You'll have a front row seat for watching Tony as he sets up and shoots a family portrait, a group of dancers in their studio, a group of firemen at their station (both inside and out), and then wraps up with a group of over 60 KelbyOne staff members inside a warehouse.

Lesson 1 : Introduction and Gear
Lesson 2 : Family Group: Part 1
Lesson 3 : Family Group: Part 2
Lesson 4 : Dance Studio: Part 1
Lesson 5 : Dance Studio: Part 2
Lesson 6 : Fire Station: Part 1
Lesson 7 : Fire Station: Part 2
Lesson 8 : Large Group: Part 1
Lesson 9 : Large Group: Part 2

Tony Corbell | Famous Portrait Lighting Expert & Educator

Tony Corbell

Tony’s career has included photographing three U.S. presidents, 185 world leaders, over 600 brides and grooms, NASA astronauts, and lots of famous, and not so famous, faces. He is the recipient of the highest honor from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International with their Lifetime Achievement Award. He has written articles in every major photographic magazine in the U.S., Japan, the U.K. and China.

Watch Photographing Groups: Small to Large

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