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Blending in Photoshop, Part 2
Eddie Tapp
with Eddie Tapp
Learn a variety of fast and easy methods to enhance and control your finest images using professional level blending techniques. READ MORE
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Blending in Photoshop, Part 2
lessons: 12 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 21min
published: 2008
watched: 309 Member Views
Blending in Photoshop, Part 2
with Eddie Tapp
Learn a variety of fast and easy methods to enhance and control your finest images using professional level blending techniques. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Enhancement Glow (free course preview)

Creating an exciting Dream Glow effect for all types of images

5min, 24sec
lesson 2: Light with Layer Masks

Create stunning lighting effects with Layer Masks

5min, 39sec
lesson 3: Basic Rebuilds

Using the Brush Tool, blend in the basics for a Rebuild Technique

6min, 46sec
lesson 4: Skin Tone Enhancing

Creating Beautiful skin tone enhancements

7min, 57sec
lesson 5: Fun In The Sun

Adding and blending multiple Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layers

4min, 6sec
lesson 6: Cover Help

Quick, help me create a cover. A last minute, think fast, get it done session.

9min, 34sec
lesson 7: Texture Blending

Blending in textures from texture images

4min, 18sec
lesson 8: Blending Layer Style

Blending using an Outer Glow Layer Style

4min, 20sec
lesson 9: Aligning and Blending

Using Photoshop's Auto Aligning and Blending features

7min, 57sec
lesson 10: Noise Control

ACR and Photoshop noise controls

9min, 24sec
lesson 11: Lens Blue

Enhancing and blending using the Tuscan Lens Technique

10min, 22sec
lesson 12: Anatomy of a Photograph

Anatomy of a Photograph: what goes into making a quality image

5min, 10sec
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Eddie Tapp
meet  Eddie Tapp
Award-Winning Photographer & Digital Imaging Author
Eddie Tapp is an award-winning photographer, lecturer, consultant, and author on digital imaging issues. As an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of experience in computer technology, Eddie has been actively involved in educating and consulting with corporations, studios, and agencies in the applications of digital imaging workflow, color management, pre-press, and digital photography globally.
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