Trailblazers: Powerful Women of Photography the Stacy Pearsall Interview

Lesson 1: On Getting Started
Published: September 2014 with Stacy Pearsall
Duration: 1 hour 7 minutes

About Course

Join our own Mia McCormick as she sits down with Stacy and delves into topics that range from how Stacy got started in photography after joining the Air Force at age 17 to the obstacles she had to overcome as a female airman in combat situations, and from what it takes to make tough choices in chaotic situations to the process of transitioning to civilian life after being combat disabled and retired from military service. This interview kicks off our Trailblazer interview series on powerful women in photography; women who have the courage to tell stories about complicated issues, often under extreme and dangerous situations, and who are among the first female professionals to excel in their chosen discipline of photography.