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Westcott Speedlight Modifiers
Scott Kelby
with Scott Kelby
Join Scott Kelby at the Mirror Lake Lyceum in St. Petersburg, Florida and learn how to use three different light modifiers with your speedlights. When shooting weddings and events ... READ MORE
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Westcott Speedlight Modifiers
lessons: 9 Course Lessons
duration: 40min
published: 2015
watched: 3478 Member Views
Westcott Speedlight Modifiers
with Scott Kelby
Join Scott Kelby at the Mirror Lake Lyceum in St. Petersburg, Florida and learn how to use three different light modifiers with your speedlights. When shooting weddings and events you need your lighting setup to be portable, fast, flexible, and deliver awesome results. In this class Scott shows you how to use a very large softbox, a 7 foot parabolic shoot through umbrella, and a strip bank softbox to get great results shooting everything from bridal portraits to a group shoot, and from formals to casual shooting on the go. In many cases one light is all you'll need, but Scott also shows you how to take it to the next level with a second light and modifier. Through each shoot Scott shows you how to assemble the light modifier, put it in position, and get the results you need. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)
Join Scott as he introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the chapters that follow.
1min, 22sec
lesson 2: Bridal Portrait: Part 1
The Mega JS Apollo is a 50 inch pop-up softbox that will be used for a bridal portrait.
9min, 1sec
lesson 3: Bridal Portrait: Part 2
Building on the previous lesson Scott switches to a wide angle lens to create a more epic portrait.
4min, 49sec
lesson 4: Bridal Portrait: Part 3
Another way to use the softbox is to create a rim light on the subject in a profile shot.
4min, 18sec
lesson 5: Groom Portrait
The groom portrait can be done with the same softbox in a different location. To take it up a notch higher Scott brings in a strip bank softbox behind the subject to separate the subject from the background.
7min, 28sec
lesson 6: Formal Portrait
Bringing the couple together for a set of formal portraits Scott switches to a 7 foot parabolic shoot-through umbrella. A reflector can also help bounce a little more light into your subject when needed.
6min, 45sec
lesson 7: Group Shot
Moving the light source back from the group is the key to controlling light fall-off in a group photo.
3min, 41sec
lesson 8: Casual Shooting
Mounting the strip bank sideways on a monopod gives you the ability to shoot anywhere while on the run.
2min, 3sec
lesson 9: Conclusion
Scott wraps up the class with some closing thoughts on the three light modifiers used in this class.
1min, 27sec
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