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Scott Kelby's 7-Point System for Lightroom Classic
Scott Kelby
with Scott Kelby
lessons: 14 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 9min
published: 2017
watched: 8643 Member Views
Scott Kelby's 7-Point System for Lightroom Classic
with Scott Kelby
Scott's "Seven Point System" book revolutionized how photographers edit their images, and in this new course you're going to learn his latest updates and refinements to the system (including his own post processing "secret sauce") for Lightroom (or Camera Raw) users. Once you learn these Seven Points, you'll know exactly what to do, in what order, and why for every JPEG, Raw, and TIFF photo you edit. It will transform the way you edit your photos from this moment on. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Making Your RAW look more like the JPEG (free course preview)
Scott shows you an optional technical that tweaks the RAW image before you actually start the 7-point-system to bring back some of the vibrance, sharpness, contrast, etc., that you would have had you shot in JPEG mode.
9min, 59sec
lesson 2: Setting up the JPEG look as a Preset
How to apply the Color Profile, then save it as a preset you can apply with one click, or have it automatically applied as you import the images in the Import dialog box.
6min, 21sec
lesson 3: Point One of the 7-point system: Getting your Color Right
Here’s how to set your white balance using three different methods (and then Scott shows you his favorite of the three).
14min, 24sec
lesson 4: Using a Gray Card when very accurate white balance is a must
Scott shows how to incorporate a gray card, along with Auto Sync, to instantly and accurately fix the white balance for a large group of images at once. He also shows how to use a gray card when tethering.
5min, 41sec
lesson 5: Point Two of the 7-point system: Getting your Exposure Right
Here’s the three sliders you need to set your Exposure where you want it, and the trick for having Lightroom automatically expand your tonal range by setting the White and Black points for you.
4min, 47sec
lesson 6: Point Three of the 7-point system: Dealing with Problems
These are mostly problems caused by the fact that our sensor isn’t as awesome as our eyes are in capturing the scene in front of of. That’s why we have backlit photos, and clipped highlights and other problems, and this lesson shows how to deal with them.
9min, 50sec
lesson 7: Point Four of the 7-point system: Adding the right Contrast to avoid flat-looking photos
This is one of the most critical of the 7-points, and one Scott calls his “Secret Sauce” - there’s more to Contrast than you might thing (there are four different ways to add it), and Scott shows you which ones to use when, and how to use them together.
7min, 6sec
lesson 8: Point Five of the 7-point system: Brightening and Darkening certain areas using the Adjustment Brush
You’ll see how being able to selectively brighten and darken parts of your image (basically, dodging and burning) can make a dramatic change in how your image appears as it enables you to “paint with light.”
20min, 52sec
lesson 9: Point 5.5 of the 7-point system: Other adjustments using similar tools
Here we cover two tools that work very much like the Adjustment Brush: The Graduated Filter tool (and why it may be better than an actual graduated filter you put on your lens), and one of Scott’s favorite tools — the Radial Gradient, which lets you add a soft spotlight anywhere in your image.
6min, 38sec
lesson 10: Point Six of the 7-point system: Correcting Lens Problems
This is where you learn a three-click process to removing barrel distortion, lens vignetting in the corners, and all sorts of distortion caused by your lenses. This is a more important fix that you might think.
8min, 30sec
lesson 11: Point Seven of the 7-point system: Finishing Moves
These are things you would do after the essential edits to finishing off the image. Things like Sharpening; increasing the vibrance of the colors; adding a barely noticeable darkening of the edges all the way around your photos, etc.
12min, 53sec
lesson 12: Start to Finish Using “The System”
Scott wraps up the class by showing a couple of start to finish projects, taking the images straight from the camera all the way through to the final image.
22min, 30sec
lesson 13: Bonus: Start to Finish Portrait (Flash-lit)
About a week after this class was released, in the discussion forum for this class one of our members said they wished Scott had one a couple of portraits from start to finish using “The System” and in particular one lit with flash, or on in natural light. So, Scott went back into the studio and recorded two bonus start-to-finish projects. This is the flash-lit portrait. It also includes a little portrait retouching as well.
17min, 17sec
lesson 14: Bonus: Start to Finish Portrait (Natural Light)
This one is the start-to-finish portrait using “The System” on a natural light portrait. A little different from the flash-lit one but mostly because it’s just a very different image.
10min, 46sec
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