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The Complete Guide to Lightroom Classic & CC
Serge Ramelli
with Serge Ramelli
lessons: 80 Course Lessons
duration: 7hr, 14min
published: 2020
watched: 4628 Member Views
The Complete Guide to Lightroom Classic & CC
with Serge Ramelli
Get ready to master the entire Lightroom ecosystem! Join Serge Ramelli as he takes you through all of the features of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. Serge begins the class with a look at the cloud based version of Lightroom, often referred to as Lightroom CC, and then transitions to a thorough exploration of Lightroom Classic. After getting oriented to the interface and tools, Serge dives deep with a series of start to finish projects using both versions of Lightroom. Over the course of 80 individual lessons, Serge will teach you his entire workflow and explore all of the features you need to know to become a Lightroom master! BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction: Lightroom Classic vs Lightroom CC (free course preview)
The instructor introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow. Serge starts with providing an overview of Lightroom CC.
2min, 13sec
lesson 2: Lightroom CC Importing
Serge begins by importing a selection of photos and discusses cloud storage.
3min, 46sec
lesson 3: Lightroom CC Basic Retouching
After import, Serge introduces the editing controls in Lightroom CC.
4min, 43sec
lesson 4: Lightroom CC Effects and Noise Reduction
Moving on from the Light panel, Serge discusses the controls in the Effects and Detail panels.
4min, 46sec
lesson 5: Lightroom CC Optics and Geometry
The Optics and Geometry panels help you deal with issues caused by the lens and by perspective distortions.
3min, 9sec
lesson 6: Lightroom CC Local Tools
Once global adjustments are complete, you can make selective adjustments in a few different ways.
8min, 37sec
lesson 7: Lightroom CC Crop Tool
Learn how to crop your photo using Lightroom CC.
4min, 31sec
lesson 8: Lightroom CC Putting Into Practice
Applying what we’ve covered so far, Serge works through retouching a new photo.
6min, 3sec
lesson 9: Lightroom CC Panorama Merge
Learn how to merge multiple photos into a panorama.
13min, 50sec
lesson 10: Lightroom CC HDR Merge
Similar to the panorama merge, you can merge multiple exposures into a single HDR image.
5min, 27sec
lesson 11: Lightroom CC HDR Panorama
Lightroom CC can even merge multiple exposures from a panorama into a single HDR pano.
5min, 8sec
lesson 12: Lightroom CC Boosting Color
Taking a neutral raw photo captured in Tuscany, Serge demonstrates how to bring out the color.
3min, 22sec
lesson 13: Lightroom CC Enhancing the Bear
Serge demonstrates how workflow for editing a photo taken in Antelope Canyon.
3min, 59sec
lesson 14: Lightroom CC Sorting Your Photos
Learn how to sort and organize your photos in Lightroom CC.
5min, 22sec
lesson 15: Lightroom CC Finding Your Photos
Learn how to find your photos in Lightroom CC.
4min, 20sec
lesson 16: Lightroom CC Create a Portfolio
You can use Lightroom CC to have a living portfolio with you at all times.
15min, 16sec
lesson 17: Lightroom CC Using Presets
Learn how to save settings as presets, which you can apply to other photos.
5min, 29sec
lesson 18: Lightroom CC Creating a B&W Preset
In this lesson Serge demonstrates how you can create a B&W preset.
6min, 32sec
lesson 19: Lightroom Mobile Presets
Serge shows how the presets you create in Lightroom CC are synced across all Lightroom CC apps.
1min, 36sec
lesson 20: Lightroom CC Exporting Your Photos
Learn how to export copies of your photos from Lightroom CC.
4min, 1sec
lesson 21: Lightroom CC Profiles
Learn how to use profiles in your workflow.
3min, 12sec
lesson 22: Lightroom Classic: Importing From a Memory Card
Switching over to Lightroom Classic, Serge demonstrates the process of importing from a memory card.
5min, 7sec
lesson 23: Lightroom Classic: Importing From a Hard Drive
The process of importing from your hard drive is similar, yet different from importing from a card.
2min, 30sec
lesson 24: Lightroom Classic: Creating Date Based Folders
Learn how to configure Lightroom to create folders based on the date of the photos as part of the import process.
2min, 56sec
lesson 25: Lightroom Classic: Library Views
After import, discover the different views of the Library module.
5min, 50sec
lesson 26: Lightroom Classic: Ratings and Flags
There are a few systems for applying ratings, flags, and color labels to your photos.
6min, 51sec
lesson 27: Lightroom Classic: Painter Tool
Within Grid view of the Library module is a helpful little tool called the Painter.
1min, 59sec
lesson 28: Lightroom Classic: JPG vs Raw
Learn the differences between JPG and raw photos and how that impacts your editing options.
2min, 42sec
lesson 29: Lightroom Classic: Collections
A sort of virtual folder or album that allows you to group photos together without moving them.
3min, 26sec
lesson 30: Lightroom Classic: Smart Collections
You can think of these as saved searches.
3min, 1sec
lesson 31: Lightroom Classic: Stacking Photos
Stacking is a way to group photos together within a collection or folder.
4min, 34sec
lesson 32: Lightroom Classic: Exporting
Learn how to create copies of your edited photos.
7min, 16sec
lesson 33: Lightroom Classic: Watermarking
It is possible to apply a watermark as part of the export process.
4min, 55sec
lesson 34: Lightroom Classic: Export Presets
It is possible to save export settings as presets for reuse over time.
2min, 34sec
lesson 35: Lightroom Classic: Sync Catalog to Lightroom CC
Learn how to sync your Lightroom Classic catalog with Lightroom CC.
3min, 12sec
lesson 36: Lightroom Classic: Email Photos
You can email photos directly from Lightroom Classic.
1min, 2sec
lesson 37: Lightroom Classic: Metadata and Keywords
Learn how to view metadata within Lightroom Classic and apply keywords.
4min, 50sec
lesson 38: Lightroom Classic: Backing Up Photos
Lightroom Classic does not back up your photos, so you need to come up with a system to keep them safe.
4min, 0sec
lesson 39: Lightroom Classic: Finding Photos
Learn the different ways of finding photos in Lightroom Classic.
5min, 15sec
lesson 40: Lightroom Classic: Exporting and Importing a Catalog
It is possible to export a catalog, work on it, and import that catalog back into your master catalog.
7min, 46sec
lesson 41: Lightroom Classic: Tone Sliders and Histograms
The real power of Lightroom Classic is in the Develop module. In this lesson Serge begins a tour of the most important editing tools.
5min, 30sec
lesson 42: Lightroom Classic: Vibrance, Saturation and Clarity
Lightroom Classic has a section called Presence, which can affect color and texture.
4min, 20sec
lesson 43: Lightroom Classic: White Balance
White balance is a way to change the color cast of the photo.
4min, 3sec
lesson 44: Lightroom Classic: Curves
The Curves panel is a powerful tool for adjusting contrast and tonality of your photo.
2min, 44sec
lesson 45: Lightroom Classic: HSL Sliders
Learn how to adjust hue, saturation, and luminance in your photographs.
5min, 53sec
lesson 46: Lightroom Classic: Split Toning
Learn how to add color to the highlights and/or shadows.
2min, 19sec
lesson 47: Lightroom Classic: Sharpening and Noise Reduction
The Detail panel is all about sharpening and noise reduction.
3min, 25sec
lesson 48: Lightroom Classic: Correcting Lens Distortion
Every lens you use can result in a certain amount of distortion and edge darkening, but the Lens Correction panel can correct those problems.
3min, 4sec
lesson 49: Lightroom Classic: Transform Panel
The Transform panel contains controls for correcting perspective distortions.
2min, 47sec
lesson 50: Lightroom Classic: Effects Panel
The Effects panel contains a number of special effect controls.
2min, 31sec
lesson 51: Lightroom Classic: Calibration Panel
A not often used panel, but there are controls you should be aware of.
1min, 57sec
lesson 52: Lightroom Classic: Graduated Filter
Starting with the Graduated Filter, Serge demonstrates how to use each of the local adjustment tools.
4min, 37sec
lesson 53: Lightroom Classic: Range Mask
Within each of the local adjustment tools is the Range Mask function, which allows you to refine what part of the photo is affected.
4min, 25sec
lesson 54: Lightroom Classic: Radial Filter
The Radial Filter is similar to the Graduated Filter, but you draw out an oval instead of a line.
7min, 34sec
lesson 55: Lightroom Classic: Adjustment Brush
Instead of drawing an oval or graduated line, you can use the Adjustment Brush to paint on specific regions within your photo.
3min, 9sec
lesson 56: Lightroom Classic: Spot Removal
The Spot Removal tool is designed for removing sensor spots from your photo.
4min, 39sec
lesson 57: Lightroom Classic: Crop Tool
Cropping is always important consideration to make when editing.
2min, 38sec
lesson 58: Lightroom Classic: California Sunset Project
Building on all that we’ve learned so far, Serge demonstrates a start to finish editing workflow.
11min, 49sec
lesson 59: Lightroom Classic: Long Exposure Project
In this project Serge demonstrates the edits for a long exposure photograph.
4min, 32sec
lesson 60: Lightroom Classic: Magazine Cover Edit
The is a composite project Serge created for a magazine cover.
10min, 40sec
lesson 61: Lightroom Classic: Panorama Project
Serge demonstrates a start to finish workflow for editing a panorama.
6min, 34sec
lesson 62: Lightroom Classic: HDR Merge Project
Learn how to merge and edit an HDR image.
11min, 28sec
lesson 63: Lightroom Classic: HDR Panorama Project
Pulling together what we know about HDR and panoramas we combine all into a single HDR panorama project.
8min, 13sec
lesson 64: Lightroom Classic: Expanding Panorama Options
Panoramas don’t have to just be long horizontal photos. In this project Serge expands the concept of panorama merging.
7min, 17sec
lesson 65: Lightroom Classic: Vertical Panorama
Panoramas can also go up! In this project Serge demonstrates another way to take advantage of the merge to panorama function.
7min, 34sec
lesson 66: Lightroom Classic: Montmartre Edit
Taking the merge to pano to an extreme is still fun and you just never know how it will work.
7min, 47sec
lesson 67: Lightroom Classic: B&W Conversions
Serge shares his B&W workflow.
9min, 25sec
lesson 68: Lightroom Classic: Portrait Retouch
It is possible to fully retouch a portrait photo in Lightroom Classic.
12min, 59sec
lesson 69: Lightroom Classic: Environmental Portrait
Learn how to edit an environmental portrait in Lightroom Classic.
7min, 16sec
lesson 70: Lightroom Classic: Selective Color Project
While not for everyone, knowing how to do a selective color edit is useful.
3min, 37sec
lesson 71: Lightroom Classic: Creating Presets
Creating Develop presets can save you time editing and give your work a consistent look.
13min, 0sec
lesson 72: Lightroom Classic: Map Module
Learn about the Map module in Lightroom Classic.
5min, 25sec
lesson 73: Lightroom Classic: Book Module Part 1
Learn about the Book module in Lightroom Classic.
10min, 17sec
lesson 74: Lightroom Classic: Book Module Part 2
Serge continues to dive deeper into creating books in the Book module.
3min, 8sec
lesson 75: Lightroom Classic: Slideshow Module
Learn about creating slideshows in the Slideshow module.
8min, 1sec
lesson 76: Lightroom Classic: Print Module Basics
Learn the basics of using the Print module.
8min, 5sec
lesson 77: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Contact Sheets
Learn how to create contact sheets in the Print module.
2min, 7sec
lesson 78: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Picture Package
The Picture Package layout style in the Print module allows you to create layouts of the same photo at different sizes.
5min, 29sec
lesson 79: Lightroom Classic: Web Module
Learn how to use the Web module in Lightroom Classic.
3min, 3sec
lesson 80: Lightroom Classic: Conclusion
Serge wraps up the class with some closing thoughts on Lightroom Classic.
5min, 49sec
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