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Mastering Camera Raw in Photoshop CS4
Scott Kelby
with Scott Kelby
Scott Kelby covers the features and tools in Camera Raw CS4 and he also demonstrates specific workflows to help his viewers practice and retain the information from the course READ MORE
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Mastering Camera Raw in Photoshop CS4
lessons: 28 Course Lessons
duration: 3hr, 3min
published: 2009
watched: 536 Member Views
Mastering Camera Raw in Photoshop CS4
with Scott Kelby
Scott Kelby covers the features and tools in Camera Raw CS4 and he also demonstrates specific workflows to help his viewers practice and retain the information from the course BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Scott welcomes his viewers and goes over what he will cover in the course lessons

1min, 37sec
lesson 2: Opening Different File Formats

How to open JPEG, TIFF, and Raw images in Camera Raw, both from the Bridge or from within Photoshop CS4 itself

4min, 57sec
lesson 3: Camera Profiles

How to use Camera Raw's built-in Camera Profiles to give you closer to the JPEG-look your camera produces, to give you a better starting place for your Raw corrections

7min, 58sec
lesson 4: White Balance, Part 1

Setting the white balance correctly is the key to getting spot-on color, and in this segment we look at three methods, and how working with JPEGs and TIFFs differs

7min, 50sec
lesson 5: White Balance, Part 2

Here you'll learn how to use a gray card to accurately set white balance, plus we jump over to Photoshop for a quick color correction bonus tip

7min, 52sec
lesson 6: Exposure Essentials

Here we cover the Exposure control, how and when to use Recovery, when and why to use the Blacks slider and what the Brightness slider does for your image

8min, 8sec
lesson 7: Camera Raw Workflow #1

Now we're going to take what we learned in the first few segments and put them all altogether so you can see how they all work perfectly together to give you the final image you're looking for

7min, 22sec
lesson 8: Fill Light

How to use the Fill control to get you out of sticky situations

3min, 54sec
lesson 9: Clarity, Saturation and Vibrance

Here you'll not only learn when to use Clarity, why, and what it does, but Scott shares the Clarity settings he uses in his daily work. Also, why you'll want to use Vibrance instead of Saturation

7min, 10sec
lesson 10: Adding Contrast

How to use the Tone Curve panel to add and control the contrast of your image

4min, 51sec
lesson 11: Camera Raw Workflow #2

Now that you've added Clarity, Vibrance, and Contrast to your Camera Raw arsenal, it's time to apply those to our overall workflow

4min, 54sec
lesson 12: Sharpening

Here you'll learn how to apply what's known as Capture Sharpening and some great settings for creating your own landscape and portrait sharpening presets

11min, 2sec
lesson 13: Softening in Camera Raw

You already learned how to sharpen, but here's how to use Negative Clarity as a skin-softening technique

2min, 42sec
lesson 14: The Adjustment Brush

How to Dodge and Burn specific areas of your image, along with painting in effects like Tint, Sharpening, and more using this amazingly powerful new tool

10min, 7sec
lesson 15: The Gradient Filter

How to replicate the look of a Neutral Density Gradient Filter right from within Camera Raw

5min, 43sec
lesson 16: The Spot Removal Brush

Here you'll learn how to remove spots, blemishes, smudges, etc. and how to automate the process. Also, how to copy and paste Camera Raw settings between images in the Bridge

10min, 6sec
lesson 17: Camera Raw to Pano

This is a bonus segment that finishes off the work we did with the Spot Removal Brush by stitching a Camera Raw processed vertical pano

8min, 36sec
lesson 18: Camera Raw Workflow #3

We take all the local adjustment tools you just learned about, and use them in a start-to-finish portrait retouch-all done right within Camera Raw itself!

12min, 25sec
lesson 19: Cropping

Just a short, sweet video on how to use Camera Raw's cropping features

3min, 21sec
lesson 20: Straightening Images

Even shorter and sweeter than cropping, here's how to straighten an image from inside Camera Raw

52 sec
lesson 21: Color Adjustments Using The Targeted Adjustment Tool

Here's how to use the HSL panel to change the color, brightness, and color saturation of certain areas within your image using the TAT

4min, 24sec
lesson 22: Removing (or adding) Lens Vignetting

Here's a Lens Correction that fixes the darkening in the edges of your photo, and how to intentionally add this popular look

6min, 9sec
lesson 23: Double Processing

Using Camera Raw and Photoshop CS4's Smart Objects to double-process a photo to create an image with a range that your camera couldn't capture

9min, 22sec
lesson 24: Saving Your Raw Files and More Workflow

There are some critical things you need to know when saving your Raw files, including one Gotcha! in the Camera Raw dialog. We also take on another workflow project

10min, 9sec
lesson 25: High Contrast Portrait Effect

Here's how to use Camera Raw to create one of the most popular gritty high-contrast looks for portraits

11min, 11sec
lesson 26: Expanded Touch Up

In this lesson we will be revisiting an image from earlier in the course but now we will be using the new tools we have just learned about

7min, 18sec
lesson 27: Camera Raw Workflow #4

Another start to finish project using any of the tools available to us in Camera Raw

7min, 46sec
lesson 28: Conclusion

Thanks for watching. Hope you learned a lot

40 sec
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