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Mastering New Masking Tools in Lightroom 2023
Scott Kelby
with Scott Kelby
lessons: 14 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 0min
published: 2023
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Mastering New Masking Tools in Lightroom 2023
with Scott Kelby
Master masking and get back to being creative! Join Scott Kelby for a deep dive into the new features of the Masking tool inside of Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw, and Lightroom. Scott shows you how to access the masking tools and work with the Masks panel, and then takes you step-by-step through a series of exercises that demonstrates the power of each tool individually and when used together. By the end of the class you’ll know how to select skies, subjects, people, objects, backgrounds, and foregrounds, as well as how to make complex masks using add, subtract, and intersect. The power of Masking has changed the way we work forever and will make your life so much easier! BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Accessing the Masking Tools (free course preview)
Scott introduces the class and jumps into how to access the tools.
6min, 39sec
lesson 2: Select Subject
Learn what masking means and get familiar with how it works.
3min, 33sec
lesson 3: Select Sky
Selecting and editing skies are a breeze with the new tool.
3min, 10sec
lesson 4: Select Background
When there is a dominant subject there is now an easy way to select the background.
3min, 1sec
lesson 5: Person Masking
Selecting people is a snap, but that’s not all, now you can even automate selecting individual features.
6min, 35sec
lesson 6: Radial Gradient Tips
Scott demonstrates cool ways to use the Radial Gradient.
4min, 2sec
lesson 7: Subtracting from Mask
Learn advanced techniques for selecting from a mask.
7min, 18sec
lesson 8: Selecting the Foreground
Learn how to select the foreground in your photo with advanced techniques.
1min, 16sec
lesson 9: Linear Gradient Tips
Make the most of the Linear Gradient tool.
5min, 24sec
lesson 10: Select Objects
The Select Object function is super powerful for adding, subtracting, and creating masks.
2min, 34sec
lesson 11: Select by Color
Learn how to select color and make adjustments.
2min, 39sec
lesson 12: Select by Luminance
You can make and modify selections using brightness values in the photo.
3min, 7sec
lesson 13: Brush Tool
The brush tool has been around for a long time, and while it has a new name, it works the same way, but works best in concert with all the other masking tools.
6min, 52sec
lesson 14: Using Intersect
The intersect function is a powerful way to create selections you couldn’t otherwise make.
4min, 30sec
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