Senior Portraits: Background, Props, and Shooting Ideas

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Watch Senior Portraits: Background, Props, and Shooting Ideas

Join portrait photographer James Schmelzer as he shares his cutting-edge ideas and concepts for creating and lighting unique backgrounds for studio portraits.

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : Zebra Print
Lesson 3 : CD Wall
Lesson 4 : Shag Rug
Lesson 5 : Beads and Hand-Painted Foam Core
Lesson 6 : Old Boards and Chipped Paint
Lesson 7 : Pillows and a White Background
Lesson 8 : Rose Petals
Lesson 9 : Frosted Tungsten Bulb
Lesson 10 : Black Couch, Tiled Floor
Lesson 11 : Painted SubFloor as Background
Lesson 12 : 3D Wall Paper
Lesson 13 : Antique Couch
Lesson 14 : Glitter Board
Lesson 15 : Ring Flash
Lesson 16 : Conclusion

James Schmelzer | Award-Winning Photographer & Technical Rep for Westcott Lighting

James Schmelzer

James is an award-winning photographer, lecturer, and a technical representative for F.J. Westcott Company. James has been actively involved in designing new light modifier products as well as creating instructional videos demonstrating control of light. He's also the creator of the Quality of Light video series as well as a member of the Professional Photographers of America, where he holds the Master Craftsman Photographer Degree.

Watch Senior Portraits: Background, Props, and Shooting Ideas

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