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Studio Photography Techniques Using Constant Lighting
James Schmelzer
with James Schmelzer
Are you ready to take your lighting skills to the next level? Join Master Craftsmen Photographer James Schmelzer as he guides you through the transition from strobes to using const... READ MORE
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Studio Photography Techniques Using Constant Lighting
lessons: 12 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 19min
published: 2013
watched: 1451 Member Views
Studio Photography Techniques Using Constant Lighting
with James Schmelzer
Are you ready to take your lighting skills to the next level? Join Master Craftsmen Photographer James Schmelzer as he guides you through the transition from strobes to using constant lighting sources. We no longer need to use strobes all of the time, and constant lighting gives us the ability to better read the lighting on the face. James starts off with an introduction into lighting theory, then takes you through the step-by-step process of setting up various types of constant lighting sources, and ways to create different effects with some of the lights that are available today. Constant lighting sources make it fun and easy to experiment, and you'll leave the class feeling inspired to try some of the techniques in your own photography! BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Join James in studio as he provides an overview of what this class is about.

2min, 12sec
lesson 2: Lighting Theory

Using a set of daylight balanced fluorescent lights James provides some fundamental lessons in lighting your subject.

12min, 45sec
lesson 3: Distance From the Subject

One of the most important decisions you make with lighting is how far away from the subject you place the light.

9min, 30sec
lesson 4: Adding a Reflector

Reflectors are a versatile lighting tool that come in a variety of sizes and colors.

3min, 26sec
lesson 5: Hair Light

A hair light adds shine to the hair and helps to separate the subject from the background.

13min, 33sec
lesson 6: Large Silver Umbrella

The silver umbrella is better for fashion or clothing when you need a lot of brilliance from your light source.

8min, 30sec
lesson 7: Lighting Your Background Separately from your Subject

Lighting a subject wearing white in front of a white background can be a real challenge.

7min, 4sec
lesson 8: Using a Spotlight

For more impact you can use a spotlight. Spotlights can be used with grids, barn doors, or alone.

4min, 40sec
lesson 9: Fresnel Lens

A Fresnel lens on a light is the same type of lens found on a lighthouse, which allows you to focus and concentrate your light and create some cool effects.

3min, 6sec
lesson 10: More Spotlight Effects

Here's another way to use the spotlight as the main light with hair lights for separation from the background.

2min, 14sec
lesson 11: Clamping a Softbox

Creating a V shape out of a softbox using clamps reduces the spread of the light to create darker shadows under the nose.

4min, 2sec
lesson 12: Edge Lighting

The hair lights are used more for creating an edge of light along the subject in a classic sports type of look.

7min, 44sec
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James Schmelzer
meet  James Schmelzer
Award-Winning Photographer & Technical Rep for Westcott Lighting
James is an award-winning photographer, lecturer, and a technical representative for F.J. Westcott Company. James has been actively involved in designing new light modifier products as well as creating instructional videos demonstrating control of light. He's also the creator of the Quality of Light video series as well as a member of the Professional Photographers of America, where he holds the Master Craftsman Photographer Degree.
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