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Capturing the Wild: Safari Photography
Rick Sammon
with Rick Sammon
Capturing the Wild: Safari Photography
lessons: 8 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 31min
published: 2014
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Capturing the Wild: Safari Photography
with Rick Sammon
Join Rick Sammon, a Canon Explorer of Light, and discover tips, tricks, and techniques that can apply to anywhere your camera might take you. Rick draws on his experiences leading photo safaris in Africa to teach you how to prepare for your own safari, consider what gear to bring, the importance of developing a daily routine, and how to get the best photographs of the people, wildlife, and places that you will encounter. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Join Rick as he introduces the class, discusses what will be covered, and jumps into sharing some of his favorite tips, tricks, and techniques.

12min, 45sec
lesson 2: Preparing for Your Shoot

The key to a successful safari is your research. From medical concerns to insurance, and from weather to locations; you need to know before you go.

10min, 14sec
lesson 3: Gear

Part of your pre-trip planning will be deciding what gear to bring, and making sure it can come with you.

11min, 29sec
lesson 4: Daily Routine

You will come up with your own routine, but Rick shares his routine to give you an idea of what to expect.

15min, 11sec
lesson 5: Wildlife Photography

Photographing wildlife may be the primary reason you are going on safari. Learn Rick's tips for getting the best animal photos.

16min, 11sec
lesson 6: Photographing in Villages

There are a lot of great opportunities to visit new places, meet new people, and photograph life in the villages.

5min, 18sec
lesson 7: Landscape Photography

Landscape photography can help you tell the full story of your safari.

8min, 43sec
lesson 8: Processing Your Images

After all the shooting is done it is time to download, backup, and process your photos.

12min, 0sec
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Rick Sammon
meet  Rick Sammon
Canon Explorer of Light & Travel Photography Expert
Canon Explorer of Light and award-winning photographer Rick Sammon is one of the most active photographers on the planet. With over 40 years of experience he divides his time between creating images, giving seminars, developing online classes, leading workshops, and making personal appearances. Rick’s enthusiasm for digital imaging is contagious and it’s his mission to make digital photography fun, creative, exciting, and rewarding for others.
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