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Insiders Look to Capturing Timeless Landscapes
Ramtin Kazemi
with Ramtin Kazemi
Insiders Look to Capturing Timeless Landscapes
lessons: 8 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 11min
published: 2019
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Insiders Look to Capturing Timeless Landscapes
with Ramtin Kazemi
Join Ramtin Kazemi in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains to learn how to create timeless landscape photographs! In this class Rammy teaches you his approach to scouting locations, camera settings, gear, composition, and the importance of getting into the right location for a truly unique perspective. The weather doesn’t always cooperate with your plans, so you need to be flexible and ready to roll with the conditions. Rammy wraps up the class with an in-depth post processing session that takes his photos to the next level. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)
Rammy introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow.
1min, 26sec
lesson 2: Scouting the Area
Daylight hours are the time to scout for foregrounds for sunset and sunrise. There are great apps to help you plan your positioning.
9min, 16sec
lesson 3: Camera Settings
After finding a prime location, Rammy discusses camera setting considerations.
5min, 2sec
lesson 4: Riverside
A last minute decision was made to change locations for a better composition due to lack of clouds in the sky.
6min, 50sec
lesson 5: Heading to Sunrise Shoot
Attempting to overcome the lack of clouds, Rammy heads out to a new location for sunrise.
5min, 24sec
lesson 6: Sunrise Shoot
Rammy wades into the river at sunrise to get the shot.
11min, 35sec
lesson 7: Post Processing Session
Shooting time is over and Rammy heads inside to demonstrate his post processing workflow.
29min, 37sec
lesson 8: Conclusion
Rammy recaps the class and shares some closing thoughts.
2min, 27sec
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Ramtin Kazemi
meet  Ramtin Kazemi
Award-Winning Landscape Photographer
Ramtin (Rammy) Kazemi is an award-winning Landscape photographer based in Canada. He’s also a tour guide with a passion for the wilderness and the outdoors. Ramtin started photography as a hobby. After picking up his first camera, he fell in love with it— especially photographing the outdoors. His passion for adventure in the wilderness and pristine landscapes is the driving factor behind his photography. Aside from being a well-known landscape photographer, and worldwide instructor, Ramtin runs photo tours/workshops at his favorite locations.
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