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Successful Pre-Production for Location Shooting
Richard Riley
with Richard Riley
Avoid the pitfalls of location shooting by concentrating on pre-production before you reach your location READ MORE
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Successful Pre-Production for Location Shooting
lessons: 9 Course Lessons
duration: 43min
published: 2009
watched: 192 Member Views
Successful Pre-Production for Location Shooting
with Richard Riley
Avoid the pitfalls of location shooting by concentrating on pre-production before you reach your location BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Three Golden Rules (free course preview)

The three golden rules are not hard to remember. Richard Riley introduces himself and explains what will be covered in the course

4min, 6sec
lesson 2: Location Checklist

Just like a pilot before takeoff, photographers need a checklist before going out on a shoot

3min, 39sec
lesson 3: Do Not Assume

Communicate with your client to make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for

4min, 8sec
lesson 4: Location Scouting

Photographers need to research their locations and know about parking, permits, etc.

4min, 33sec
lesson 5: Production Schedule

This should include detailed call times for everyone involved in the shoot

3min, 0sec
lesson 6: Production Book

A production book is a great, all-in-one reference for your clients and others involved in the shoot

7min, 0sec
lesson 7: Producers Kit

Running through the gear before packing it all out to the location

10min, 15sec
lesson 8: On Location

Shooting a pair of models on the beach

4min, 36sec
lesson 9: Wrap Up

After a successful shoot at the beach, Richard reviews some of the important points he covered during the course

2min, 24sec
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Richard Riley
meet  Richard Riley
Award-Winning Commercial Photographer
Richard is a photographer and filmmaker who loves capturing the moment, regardless of what it is he is shooting. He enjoys creative collaboration with clients and brings passion and experience to everyday production.
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