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Photography Archive Storage with Synology
RC Concepcion
with RC Concepcion
Creating a bomb-proof system for scalable long term storage and backup of important data is a challenge that all photographers have to overcome. Join RC as he shares a solid soluti... READ MORE
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Photography Archive Storage with Synology
lessons: 12 Course Lessons
duration: 51min
published: 2013
watched: 735 Member Views
Photography Archive Storage with Synology
with RC Concepcion
Creating a bomb-proof system for scalable long term storage and backup of important data is a challenge that all photographers have to overcome. Join RC as he shares a solid solution that involves using a network attached storage device from Synology. In this introductory class you will learn what is possible with this solution, how to get it set up, and how to start using it for all of your data storage needs. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Join RC as he goes over the goals and intent of this class.

1min, 57sec
lesson 2: NAS

Learn what it means to have a NAS, or Network Attached Storage, and how it works.

5min, 20sec
lesson 3: Setting Up

After plugging in the drives and powering up the unit there are a few more things to know about getting your device set up.

4min, 39sec
lesson 4: Configuring the Device

With the software installed you can move forward with configuring the device to use the drives you have installed.

2min, 51sec
lesson 5: Adding New Drives

These units are all expandable and you will want to know how to scale up by adding new drives.

6min, 31sec
lesson 6: Using the Control Panel

Inside the Control Panel is where you will configure the device to work on your network.

4min, 8sec
lesson 7: Creating a Shared Folder

Before putting data on the device you need to set up a shared folder and its permissions for access.

3min, 22sec
lesson 8: Managing Users

You'll want to set up user access, permissions, and passwords for management and security.

3min, 40sec
lesson 9: Backup Strategies

There are a few ways to approach backing up your data.

7min, 18sec
lesson 10: Transferring Data

Now you are ready to start transferring data between your Synology unit and your workstation.

2min, 20sec
lesson 11: Installing Packages

The Synology unit has its own operating system and you can install programs, called packages, to extend its functionality further.

2min, 47sec
lesson 12: Accessing Your Data Online

One option to consider is setting up your Synology to be able to access it over the Web, and even back up the data on your unit to the cloud.

5min, 45sec
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