Getting Started with Fotomoto

Lesson 1: Getting Started
Published: March 2011 with RC Concepcion
Duration: 56 minutes

About Course

RC Concepcion has a recommendation for photographers who are looking for help selling their work online. The new Fotomoto e-commerce website allows visual artists to upload their work and then display those products for sale on their own sites. After creating a user profile, photographers can then utilize the Fotomoto shopping cart, with full functionality, including credit card processing, order tracking, and email receipts. Users can determine the pricing of their photographs and choose a variety of formats that their work will be available in. RC shows how to integrate Fotomoto into a WordPress-based website by installing the Fotomoto plug-in. He then walks through the rest of the steps involved with installation, creating a user profile, uploading images, and adjusting product settings. Fotomoto makes it easier for photographers to concentrate on the shooting and let someone else worry about the selling.