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Getting Started with Audition
RC Concepcion
with RC Concepcion
Audition is a very powerful program to edit sound files and create textured composition of sound. In this class RC Concepcion goes over the nuts and bolts of how to use Audition to... READ MORE
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Getting Started with Audition
lessons: 19 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 32min
published: 2014
watched: 301 Member Views
Getting Started with Audition
with RC Concepcion
Audition is a very powerful program to edit sound files and create textured composition of sound. In this class RC Concepcion goes over the nuts and bolts of how to use Audition to quickly record a sound, edit a sound file, clean up audio. RC will also cover how to use the Multitrack mode to combine a music track with a spoken word track. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Intro video.

43 sec
lesson 2: Open File and Setting Preferences

RC Goes over how to open a file in Adobe Audition as well as how to setup a mic in the Hardware preferences. RC also covers what kind of mic he uses to record audio as well as gives a quick tip on how to stop “popping” a microphone.

5min, 0sec
lesson 3: Scrubbing In and Scrubbing Out

Covers how to zoom in and out of a file, as well as how to set a work area.

6min, 2sec
lesson 4: Adjusting Workspace

RC goes over how to move panels in Audition, Spectral Frequency, as well as how to create a workspace.

5min, 32sec
lesson 5: Volume, Fade, Scrub

Go over how to quickly increase, decrease volume, as well as scrub to a specific sound point and add a fade.

6min, 7sec
lesson 6: Markers

Markers can be a great way to get to a specific point in a sound file quickly. RC Concepcion goes over how to do this.

4min, 22sec
lesson 7: Cut, Copy, Paste

One of the fundamental tools in Audition is the Cut/Copy/Paste. RC goes over how to eliminate, duplicate or rearrange information in a sound file.

3min, 28sec
lesson 8: Insert Silence

Cleaning up audio breaths is easy with working with the Silence command in Adobe Audition.

5min, 25sec
lesson 9: Recording and Editing a Voice Track

RC goes through how to quickly record a voice track and perform a quick edit for cleanup.

6min, 41sec
lesson 10: Spectral Editing

RC goes over how to remove a phone ringing in the background of a voice track.

5min, 42sec
lesson 11: Pop and Hiss Reduction

RC cleans up an audio file in the Public domain of one of the first speeches recorded on a phonograph.

4min, 8sec
lesson 12: Noise Print

Go back into the pop and hiss of an old speech and use the Noise Print feature to remove a song.

3min, 29sec
lesson 13: Learn Noise

Remove Noise by selecting a Noise Print in Adobe Audition.

2min, 56sec
lesson 14: Multitrack View

One of the most powerful features in Audition is the ability to add multiple files into a audio setting. RC goes over how to set this in a Multitrack Mode as well as how to mute and solo a clip.

5min, 55sec
lesson 15: Creating a Music Piece with Voice Over

RC starts creating a music/voiceover piece in Multitrack mode in Audition.

6min, 23sec
lesson 16: Volume Automation

Harness the power of automating Volume in Multitrack mode for Adobe Audition.

6min, 49sec
lesson 17: Adding Special Effects

Finish out the audio/vocal track piece you are working on with RC by adding special effects.

5min, 59sec
lesson 18: Mastering a File

Once your files are complete, RC takes you through a process of adding some special effects for mastering in Adobe Audition.

5min, 26sec
lesson 19: Outputting the File for Different Formats

Learn how to save your finished audio creation in Adobe Audition.

2min, 27sec
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