Landscape Photography Preplanning Post-Processing

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Watch Landscape Photography Preplanning Post-Processing

Take your landscape photography to the next level with Richard Bernabe! Join Richard in Cape Hatteras as he photographs the beautiful Outer Banks while demonstrating how the decisions you make in the field will impact the tools and techniques you can use in your post processing. This class is all about how you can bring your field work together with your post processing, so that you are capturing photographs that allow you to get the most out of your workflow. Over the course of several days of shooting Richard teaches you how to capture and process images involving exposure blending, correcting perspective distortion, removing lens flare, increasing depth of field with focus stacking, and much more. Each lesson on a specific capture technique is paired with a lesson on how to process those photographs using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Lesson 1 : Location Scouting
Lesson 2 : Finding Foreground
Lesson 3 : Blending Bracketed Exposures
Lesson 4 : Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Lesson 5 : Correcting Perspective Distortion
Lesson 6 : Shooting into the Sun
Lesson 7 : Removing Ghosting and Flare
Lesson 8 : Shooting for Focus Stacking
Lesson 9 : Focus Stacking
Lesson 10 : Shooting for a Panorama
Lesson 11 : Stitching the Pano Together
Lesson 12 : Removing Unwanted People from the Photo

Richard Bernabe | Landscape Master, Constributor to National Geographic

Richard Bernabe

Contributor to National Geographic, The New York Times, Outdoor Photographer as well as Contributing Editor for Popular Photography magazine, Richard Bernabe is an internationally renowned landscape, wildlife, and travel photographer and widely published author from the United States. His passion for adventure and travel has been the driving force behind his life's quest to capture the moods and character of the world's most amazing places.

Watch Landscape Photography Preplanning Post-Processing

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