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Lightroom Classic In Depth: Editing Your Photos

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Watch Lightroom Classic In Depth: Editing Your Photos

In this course Pete Collins will focus on editing your images in the Develop module. This In Depth walkthrough will cover the panels, tools and workflow tips with the goal of getting you well versed in the process of editing and all of the steps you can take to make your images the best they can be. watch course

Lesson 1 : Overview
Lesson 2 : Workflow speed tips
Lesson 3 : Raw vs Jpeg
Lesson 4 : Raw Conversion
Lesson 5 : Cropping
Lesson 6 : White Balance
Lesson 7 : Basic Panel
Lesson 8 : Highlights
Lesson 9 : Clarity
Lesson 10 : Vibrance and Saturation
Lesson 11 : Before and After
Lesson 12 : Duplicate Settings
Lesson 13 : Tone Curve
Lesson 14 : Develop Shortcuts
Lesson 15 : HSL and Color
Lesson 16 : History Panel
Lesson 17 : Snapshots
Lesson 18 : Black and White
Lesson 19 : Split Toning
Lesson 20 : Effects
Lesson 21 : Virtual Copy
Lesson 22 : Sharpening
Lesson 23 : Noise Reduction
Lesson 24 : Lens Correction
Lesson 25 : Camera Calibration
Lesson 26 : Presets
Lesson 27 : Spot Removal Tool
Lesson 28 : Clone and Healing
Lesson 29 : Redeye/Pet-eye
Lesson 30 : Graduated Filter
Lesson 31 : Radial Filter
Lesson 32 : Adjustment Brush
Lesson 33 : Portrait Retouching Walk-through

Pete Collins | Photoshop Graphic Design & Illustration Educator

Pete Collins

Pete Collins has a degree in art and loves photography, graphic design, and illustration. Having worked as a “Photoshop Guy” for KelbyOne, he is now a graphic designer at Infinity Insurance.

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