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Food Photography: A Recipe for Savory Success
Nicole Young
with Nicole Young
Food Photography: A Recipe for Savory Success
lessons: 13 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 8min
published: 2014
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Food Photography: A Recipe for Savory Success
with Nicole Young
There's a lot more to photographing food than you might think. You'll learn everything you need to know to get started, from the gear and camera settings she uses to the importance of choosing the right props for your scene, from what to look for when selecting your ingredients to essential food styling tips and tricks used by the pros. Nicole even dishes out a number of techniques for dealing with challenging food situations that might arise. Whether you shoot with natural light or in the studio this class has you covered. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction and Set Up (free course preview)

Join Nicole as she introduces the class and goes over her food photography gear and camera settings.

7min, 26sec
lesson 2: Lighting

One of the most important considerations for your photography (of all kinds) is your lighting set up.

2min, 47sec
lesson 3: Tabletop Textures

From tablecloths to napkins, there are a variety of textures and colors you can use to enhance the setting in your photograph.

2min, 13sec
lesson 4: Dishes, Bowls, and Cups

Finding interesting dishes, bowls, flatware, and glasses that you can use as props is almost as important as the food itself.

2min, 1sec
lesson 5: Selecting Food and Styling Tools

You want to be selective, but not overly picky when choosing the food items for your subject.

4min, 7sec
lesson 6: Setting the Stage

After assembling all of your ingredients, and just before you are ready to cook, you want to set the stage for your photograph so it is ready to go.

4min, 52sec
lesson 7: Working with the Food

With the food prepared it is time to style it and complete the scene.

7min, 55sec
lesson 8: Setting Up for French Toast

For the next food item Nicole talks about how you can use color accents to enhance the image.

4min, 49sec
lesson 9: Photographing French Toast

Setting up the scene before you cook gives you time to plan and prepare before the actual food item is on the scene. Now, with the food in place you can style, adjust, and shoot while the food is fresh.

8min, 42sec
lesson 10: Prepping for Shrimp and Grits

It is always good to re-check your camera settings between shoots. A new dish brings a new scene and change of props.

3min, 7sec
lesson 11: Photographing Shrimp and Grits

Placing the food and the garnish while constantly checking the view through the back of the camera allows you to build up the elements of the photo.

10min, 13sec
lesson 12: Using Off-Camera Strobe

You can use off-camera strobe to mimic window light.

4min, 54sec
lesson 13: Overcoming Difficult Situations

Nicole wraps up the class by walking through strategies to help you overcome challenging food situations.

5min, 21sec
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Nicole Young
meet  Nicole Young
Author, Food & Landscape Photographer
Nicole is a full-time photographer and author, specializing in food and landscape photography. She creates and sells stock images along with post-processing tools, such as presets, actions and textures, and eBooks. She loves to teach, learn, and share her knowledge through her blog, articles, podcasts, interviews, and training materials.
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