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Master Black & White Landscape Photography
Moose Peterson
with Moose Peterson
Bad weather makes great photographs! Pull on your big coat and join Moose Peterson on the stormy Oregon coast for inspiration and new ideas on how to create your own black and whit... READ MORE
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Master Black & White Landscape Photography
lessons: 9 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 8min
published: 2013
watched: 1932 Member Views
Master Black & White Landscape Photography
with Moose Peterson
Bad weather makes great photographs! Pull on your big coat and join Moose Peterson on the stormy Oregon coast for inspiration and new ideas on how to create your own black and white masterpieces. Moose has a long history and a strong passion for black and white photography, and he shares his wisdom as he walks you through the steps he takes, from planning to pre-visualization and from capture to post-processing. You're sure to leave the class itching to get outside in any kind of weather to practice what you've learned. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Join Moose on the Oregon coast as he introduces the class.

1min, 21sec
lesson 2: Using Filters

Filters can be used to build contrast in our black and white photographs.

5min, 31sec
lesson 3: What Makes a Good Black and White?

Black and white photography is one of the most romantic realms in photography. It can bring out emotion, character, and stories in a single frame.

6min, 43sec
lesson 4: Trying Different Techniques

After planning your trip (choosing times, location, time of year, etc.), you may want to explore different possibilities for creating black and white photographs through the use of different shutter speeds, lens filters, and post processing techniques.

11min, 10sec
lesson 5: Enhancing Definition

Paying attention to how you can enhance the subtleties in your photographs can make all the difference in the final photo.

4min, 21sec
lesson 6: Composing for Black and White

Visualizing the scene in black and white is critical to how you will compose a black and white photograph.

9min, 41sec
lesson 7: Basic Processing

Moose shares his starting place for processing raw photos in Adobe Camera Raw (same steps for Lightroom) before moving into Silver Efex Pro.

10min, 9sec
lesson 8: Advanced Camera Raw Processing

Every black and white photograph is different and will require a different approach. Moose moves beyond the basics in Camera Raw before moving to Silver Efex Pro.

9min, 24sec
lesson 9: Processing the Lighthouse

The way you pre-visualized the black and white photo will guide you through your post processing steps.

9min, 44sec
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Moose Peterson
meet  Moose Peterson
Wildlife Photographer, Author, & Nikon Ambassador
Moose’s passion lies in photographing and bringing attention to endangered wildlife and preserving the role aviation has played in history. Along the way Moose has been honored for his photographic passion: a Nikon Ambassador USA, Lexar Elite Photographer, and recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award. He shares his knowledge through his writing, being published in over 143 magazines worldwide and author of 28 books.
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