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The Secrets to Creating Super Sharp Images
Moose Peterson
with Moose Peterson
lessons: 9 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 6min
published: 2018
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The Secrets to Creating Super Sharp Images
with Moose Peterson
Join Moose as he shares his hard earned tips, tricks, and techniques for creating super sharp photographs from the moment of capture through printing! The second thing a viewer’s eye locks onto when looking at a photo is sharpness, so it is critical that you get it right in camera, and maintain that sharpness through to output. In this class you’ll learn the importance of your camera settings, hand holding and long lens techniques, the danger of heat shimmer, how to use depth of focus to your advantage, what you can do during post processing, and Moose’s own secret recipe for sharp prints. Your photography is all about you and the story you want to tell, so learn how to create the sharpest photos you can to share with the world. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: How Important is a Sharp Image? (free course preview)
Join Moose as he introduces the class, discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow, and jumps into a discussion of the importance of sharpness.
6min, 27sec
lesson 2: Shooting Variables
There are a number of variables when you are taking the photo that can affect the sharpness of your photo.
6min, 13sec
lesson 3: Proper Hand Holding and Long Lens Technique
How you hold the camera and stabilize a long lens is critical to sharp focus.
9min, 49sec
lesson 4: Heat Shimmer
Heat shimmer can kill your focus no matter what you do.
1min, 36sec
lesson 5: The Plane of Focus
You may have taken this for granted, but understanding the plane of focus is important to getting tack sharp photos.
10min, 0sec
lesson 6: How the Mind’s Eye Define Sharpness
The mind’s eye sees sharpness based on the color black, and we can use that information to our advantage.
3min, 59sec
lesson 7: Depth of Focus
You can use the depth of field to your advantage when capturing the photo.
9min, 7sec
lesson 8: Post Processing
You may have done everything right during capture, but you need to maintain that focus through your post processing routine.
7min, 40sec
lesson 9: Secret Recipe for Prints
Maintaining sharpness through to the print is the goal. Moose shares his recipe for making tack sharp prints.
11min, 42sec
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Moose Peterson
meet  Moose Peterson
Wildlife Photographer, Author, & Nikon Ambassador
Moose’s passion lies in photographing and bringing attention to endangered wildlife and preserving the role aviation has played in history. Along the way Moose has been honored for his photographic passion: a Nikon Ambassador USA, Lexar Elite Photographer, and recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award. He shares his knowledge through his writing, being published in over 143 magazines worldwide and author of 28 books.
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