Inspire1 Drone: Advanced Flying and Features

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Watch Inspire1 Drone: Advanced Flying and Features

Kelby One's John McQuiston and Mia McCormick take you through advanced flying settings and features on your DJI INSPIRE1 and DJI Pilot App. They will show where all the telemetry is displayed and how to operate the on-board 4K camera. You'll learn how to use the quadcopter's advanced settings to capture smooth and properly exposed video and amazing still images. This class will walk you through setting up dual operation mode and even give you some pointers on capturing your best footage using both controllers. At the end of this class you will feel comfortable and confident flying your DJI INSPIRE1.

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : Controller Configuration
Lesson 3 : Setting up a Home Point
Lesson 4 : Assigning Camera Controls
Lesson 5 : Flight Mode Switch
Lesson 6 : Using Camera with One Controller
Lesson 7 : Basic Pilot App Functions
Lesson 8 : Advanced Pilot App Functions
Lesson 9 : In Flight Pilot App Functions
Lesson 10 : Pilot App Diagnostic Functions
Lesson 11 : Photo & Video Settings in Pilot App
Lesson 12 : Setting Up a 2nd Controller & Safety Reminders

Meet The Instructors | Mia McCormick & John McQuiston

Mia McCormick

Mia McCormick

Mia McCormick works as a Director/Producer for Bluewater Media and is a contributor to B&H Photo. She is the producer and host of several interview series designed to lift the voice of women in this industry. Her break out series of inspirational interviews for B&H called "Women of Influence" received national press. She travels across the county teaching at conferences like WPPI, NECC, and PSW.

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John McQuiston

John McQuiston

John works as a writer, on-camera talent, and gear expert for BH Photo. His background includes nearly two decades working in television news, where he earned Emmy nominations for both news and sports anchoring. He has won second place for Florida’s Anchor of the Year twice. John also makes documentary films, plays and records original music, and tests new camera gear.

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Watch Inspire1 Drone: Advanced Flying and Features

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