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Lightroom Classic In-Depth - Developing and Editing Your Photos
Matt Kloskowski
with Matt Kloskowski
Matt Kloskowski provides an in-depth look at all of the new sliders and features of Lightroom. Breaking down all the tips and tricks every beginner needs, while throwing in some in... READ MORE
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Lightroom Classic In-Depth - Developing and Editing Your Photos
lessons: 36 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 53min
published: 2012
watched: 1586 Member Views
Lightroom Classic In-Depth - Developing and Editing Your Photos
with Matt Kloskowski
Matt Kloskowski provides an in-depth look at all of the new sliders and features of Lightroom. Breaking down all the tips and tricks every beginner needs, while throwing in some information that can help even the most confident of Lightroom veterans. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Join Matt for a quick introduction to the material that will be covered in this class.

1min, 10sec
lesson 2: The Only Difference Between Raw and JPEG

Find out some of the minor differences in the options available for processing raw and JPG files inside Lightroom.

2min, 48sec
lesson 3: The Process Version

Learn about the role of the process version and which one you should choose for working with your photos in Lightroom.

2min, 54sec
lesson 4: The Basics – Camera Profiles

Matt shows you why choosing the camera profile in the Camera Calibration panel can be one of the most important things to do first in your workflow (plus a cool tip on Solo Mode).

4min, 56sec
lesson 5: The Basics – Cropping

Cropping can be useful for removing unwanted elements from the edges of your photo, creating a tighter composition, and changing the aspect ratio of your photo (or all of the above).

5min, 29sec
lesson 6: The Basics – White Balance

Lightroom gives you multiple ways to set and adjust the white balance of your photos.

7min, 40sec
lesson 7: The Basics – The Tonal Adjustment Controls

Before you start making tonal adjustments on your photos, you need to understand how each slider in the center of Basic panel affects the various tonal values in a photo.

6min, 54sec
lesson 8: The Basics – Shadows and Highlights

One of the goals of the new Process Version 2012 was to give us more access to the details contained in the highlights and shadows regions of our photos. Learn how you can recover this detail with minimal impact on other tonal regions.

3min, 17sec
lesson 9: The Basics – Setting the White and Black Points

The Whites and Blacks sliders provide a fine level of control over the white and black clipping points.

7min, 33sec
lesson 10: The Basics – Clarity

The Clarity slider increases (or decreases) the amount of midtone contrast added to your photo. You can think of it as a bit of a detail enhancer adjustment when used in positive amounts or detail softener when used in negative amounts.

6min, 46sec
lesson 11: The Basics – The difference between Saturation and Vibrance

Vibrance and Saturation are powerful color enhancing adjustments that work very differently. Understanding the key differences will help you know when to use each adjustment correctly.

4min, 18sec
lesson 12: Before/After: Portraits

Increase your understanding of the basic workflow as Matt steps through the process of making adjustments on a couple of portrait photos.

3min, 52sec
lesson 13: Before/After: Landscape

Increase your understanding of the basic workflow as Matt steps through the process of making adjustments on a landscape photo.

3min, 33sec
lesson 14: Before/After: Travel

Increase your understanding of the basic workflow as Matt steps through the process of making adjustments on a travel photo.

3min, 58sec
lesson 15: Before/After: Sports

Increase your understanding of the basic workflow as Matt steps through the process of making adjustments on a sports photo.

2min, 24sec
lesson 16: Making batch changes

Lightroom can increase your efficiency when working with large (and small) batches of photos shot under the same conditions. Learn how to synchronize settings across a range of photos.

5min, 29sec
lesson 17: The Tone Curve (mention RGB is new)

The Tone Curve is another way to adjust the amount of contrast in your photo, but with a very fine level of control over which tonal values are affected. Learn the differences between the Point Curve and Parametric Curve modes.

3min, 53sec
lesson 18: HSL – Adjusting Specific Colors

HSL stands for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. Learn how to use these sliders to make large and small adjustments to specific colors in your photos.

3min, 21sec
lesson 19: History and Undos

Thanks to the power of the Lightroom catalog all of the work you do in the Develop module is recorded and saved in the History panel. This gives you the ability to step back through the history of adjustments to an earlier state or even all the way back to the start.

3min, 0sec
lesson 20: Snapshots

The Snapshots panel can be used to preserve particular states in the way you process a photo. This can be used to save multiple different versions of how you might process a photo, and give you a quick means to switch between those different states.

2min, 41sec
lesson 21: Comparing the Before and After

Comparing the before and after versions of your photo is a powerful way to see the affects of the adjustments you are making in your workflow. Lightroom provides you with a number of different before and after views.

3min, 5sec
lesson 22: Creative Settings – Black and Whites

There are a couple of ways to change your photo to black and white, but Matt shows you the best method for maximum control in the conversion process.

3min, 28sec
lesson 23: Creative Settings – Split Toning

The Split Toning panel allows you to add a tint to your highlights, shadows, or both. This is most commonly used with black and white photos, but can be used with color photos too.

3min, 37sec
lesson 24: Creative Settings – Virtual Copies

A virtual copy is a way to create an additional set of instructions for processing the same original photo in a different way without actually duplicating the photo on your drive.

4min, 49sec
lesson 25: Creative Settings – Vignettes and Grain

The Effects panel allows you to add creative vignettes and grain in your photos as a finishing touch.

5min, 37sec
lesson 26: Detail Settings – Sharpening

Capture sharpening is intended to compensate for the inherent softness in raw captures. You can get fine control over how sharpening is applied via the Detail panel.

5min, 31sec
lesson 27: Detail Settings – Noise Reduction

Noise is the enemy of digital capture, and Lightroom has a great tool for reducing color and luminance noise with minimal impact on important detail.

6min, 1sec
lesson 28: Lens Corrections

Profile based lens corrections appeared in Lightroom and continue to evolve. Learn about the differences between the automatic and manual controls.

5min, 46sec
lesson 29: Calibration

Beyond the camera profiles and process version the Camera Calibration panel contains sliders for correcting colors rendered by the camera.

3min, 42sec
lesson 30: Creating and Using Presets

A preset is basically a recipe for one-click developing of your photos. Learn how to create and apply your own.

7min, 8sec
lesson 31: Removing Sensor Spots

Lightroom's Spot Removal Tool is primarily intended for seamless removal of sensor spots in your photos. The tool itself is easy to use, but Matt also has some great tips for finding all the spots hiding in the sky areas of your photos.

5min, 14sec
lesson 32: Removing Red Eye

The glow of red eye in your photographs is a sure sign of on-camera flash, but Lightroom makes it a snap to turn those red pupils black.

1min, 18sec
lesson 33: Enhancing Skies with the Graduated Filter

The Graduated Filter Tool allows you to apply a set of adjustments to a specific area of your photo (such as a sky) with a gradual fade to blend the effect into the surrounding area.

8min, 59sec
lesson 34: Adjustment Brush – The Basics

The Adjustment Brush is the best way to apply localized adjustments to just the areas of your photos you want to affect. Learn the basics of how to use one of the most powerful tools inside of Lightroom.

8min, 54sec
lesson 35: Adjustment Brush- Getting Creative

Learn how to go beyond corrections with a cool creative use for the Adjustment Brush.

7min, 14sec
lesson 36: Adjustment Brush – Retouching Portraits

The Adjustment Brush can even help out with basic skin retouching and possibly save you a trip to Photoshop.

7min, 22sec
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