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Lightroom Classic Creative Presets
Matt Kloskowski
with Matt Kloskowski
If you're looking for a one-click way to take your photos from good to fantastic in Lightroom, then Matt Kloskowski's brand new course on presets - one of Lightroom's most creative... READ MORE
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Lightroom Classic Creative Presets
lessons: 12 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 13min
published: 2011
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Lightroom Classic Creative Presets
with Matt Kloskowski
If you're looking for a one-click way to take your photos from good to fantastic in Lightroom, then Matt Kloskowski's brand new course on presets - one of Lightroom's most creative features - is the class for you. In this course, Matt shows you how to create your own presets and how to put all of the hottest and most popular looks in photography today right inside Lightroom. Plus, you can download Matt's presets to transform the look of your photos and discover what you can do on your own in no time flat. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Matt Kloskowski talks about what this class will cover

1min, 49sec
lesson 2: What are Presets

Learn about presets, why they are used in Lightroom, and how much they speed up your creative workflow.

4min, 52sec
lesson 3: Creating a Preset

Matt shows you how to create a basic preset and shares what settings are best to include.

6min, 17sec
lesson 4: Auto-Fix Presets

Learn how to create auto-correcting presets so your photos look better as soon as you import them into Lightroom.

7min, 14sec
lesson 5: Edgy Looks

Edgy, grungy looks are popular these days. Learn the features in Lightroom that help give you these looks and how to save them as a preset.

9min, 1sec
lesson 6: Color Looks

Adding color to your images can change the entire mood of a photo.

8min, 7sec
lesson 7: Vignettes

Vignettes are a top photographer's best-kept photo finishing secret and they're perfect for turning into a preset.

7min, 11sec
lesson 8: B&W Presets

Learn the best way to convert to black and white and how to set your presets up so it'll look good on all types of photos.

9min, 9sec
lesson 9: Vintage or Classic Looks

See how certain sliders in Lightroom can give new photos an old, classic, vintage-styled look.

9min, 15sec
lesson 10: Organizing Your Presets

Once you start creating presets in Lightroom, you won't want to stop. Matt shows you how to organize them so you can get to your favorites fast.

4min, 2sec
lesson 11: Moving, Saving and Backing up Presets

After you build a library of presets, you'll want to make sure they're backed up so you can save, share, and move them wherever you want.

6min, 4sec
lesson 12: Conclusion

Thank you for watching Lightroom Creative Presets. Find more Lightroom classes from Matt at

51 sec
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Matt Kloskowski
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Matt is the founder of Matt Kloskowski Photography and Training. He specializes in outdoor, landscape, and nature photography along with editing with Photoshop, Lightroom, and ON1 apps. Matt was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2014 and is the best-selling author of over 20 books. Matt loves to educate others and spends much of his time teaching seminars around the world.
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