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Light Shaping Tools
Joe McNally
with Joe McNally
In this course we'll examine various light shaping tools and how to speak with light. We'll investigate how these light shaping tools can produce dramatic and different portrait so... READ MORE
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lessons: 25 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 28min
published: 2008
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Light Shaping Tools
with Joe McNally
In this course we'll examine various light shaping tools and how to speak with light. We'll investigate how these light shaping tools can produce dramatic and different portrait solutions. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Course Introduction from Joe McNally

2min, 3sec
lesson 2: Studio Hardware

Quick introduction into light shaping tools.

2min, 16sec
lesson 3: Small Flashes

Overview of the SB800 system

1min, 6sec
lesson 4: Tripod Setup

Explanation of custom tripod setup.

1min, 20sec
lesson 5: The Umbrella Light

The Process of placing the light.

3min, 28sec
lesson 6: The Model and the Light

Making the studio comfortable.

2min, 46sec
lesson 7: Establishing Trust

Relating to your subject.

4min, 31sec
lesson 8: The Light and the Face

How the direction of light affects the portrait.

3min, 48sec
lesson 9: Size and Distance of the Light Source

How the size of the light affects the feel of the light, while introducing the diffuser.

2min, 57sec
lesson 10: Diffusing the Light Source

Continuation of the diffuser in front of the main light, and adding the tri-grip reflector.

4min, 7sec
lesson 11: Shoot Through Umbrella

Diffusing the light in a different way.

3min, 9sec
lesson 12: Changing Power Ratios

How you affect power output and F-stop.

1min, 20sec
lesson 13: Control of the Light

Changing the power and distance of the light source.

4min, 59sec
lesson 14: Centering the Light

Changing the angle of the light.

4min, 0sec
lesson 15: Over / Under Combination

Adding a low fill card.

6min, 4sec
lesson 16: Skirting the Light

Techniques for gradating the light source.

4min, 42sec
lesson 17: Working with the Soft Box

Soft Box construction and approach.

7min, 4sec
lesson 18: Keeping Your Subject Involved

Working your way towards a good picture.

1min, 35sec
lesson 19: Shapes of Soft Boxes

Square? Octa? Choosing your light shaping tool.

4min, 42sec
lesson 20: Using a Fill Card

How a fill card opens up shadows.

2min, 37sec
lesson 21: Different Looks

Noticing things about your subject and following up.

3min, 51sec
lesson 22: Closeness and Direction of the Light Source

Achieving a dramatic effect.

2min, 58sec
lesson 23: Beauty Fill

Using the floor as a light source.

6min, 20sec
lesson 24: BONUS: Ring Light

Fashion and Fun on the set.

2min, 16sec
lesson 25: BONUS: Ballerina in the Air

Location strobe at sunset.

4min, 44sec
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