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Real World HDR
Matt Kloskowski
with Matt Kloskowski
Matt Kloskowski dives into the world of High Dynamic Range (HDR). He walks through a step-by-step tutorial of camera settings, the software Photomatix, and post-processing in Light... READ MORE
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Real World HDR
lessons: 19 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 10min
published: 2009
watched: 1488 Member Views
Real World HDR
with Matt Kloskowski
Matt Kloskowski dives into the world of High Dynamic Range (HDR). He walks through a step-by-step tutorial of camera settings, the software Photomatix, and post-processing in Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, and Photoshop to get the perfect HDR photo. <br> <br> This class is perfect for someone wanting to dive deep into a new technique. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Matt talks about HDR and explains what he will cover during the course

3min, 57sec
lesson 2: What is HDR?

What are the benefits of High Dynamic Range photography

3min, 53sec
lesson 3: How to Shoot for HDR

Things to do and not to do when setting up to shoot HDR photos

8min, 9sec
lesson 4: Using Photoshops Built-in HDR tools

Here is what Photoshop has to offer for HDR

7min, 17sec
lesson 5: Starting with Photomatix

Getting started with Photomatix and HDR

6min, 46sec
lesson 6: Tone Mapping Detail Enhancer

Using the Details Enhancer in Photomatix

10min, 59sec
lesson 7: Tone Mapping Tone Compressors

Moving on to the Tone Compressor in Photomatix

4min, 37sec
lesson 8: Quick Tip

Be mindful of the noise in your photos

3min, 17sec
lesson 9: Saving Your Image

After processing, you need to get the image into another format

4min, 34sec
lesson 10: Post Processing in Lightroom

Lightroom is a much better program for image adjustment than Photomatix

9min, 19sec
lesson 11: Post Processing in Camera Raw

Using Bridge and Camera Raw to do post processing on your image

9min, 6sec
lesson 12: Adding Photoshop

Even if you don't use Photoshop for creating HDR, it is still the perfect tool for a lot of other image enhancements

7min, 54sec
lesson 13: The Surreal Fantasy Style

Exploring this popular fantasy style of HDR

10min, 20sec
lesson 14: Photomatix Batching and HDR Panoramas

Follow this workflow for creating HDR panoramas

10min, 32sec
lesson 15: Pseudo-HDR from One Photo

Even if you did not shoot multiple photos, Photomatix can still create a HDR style image

7min, 33sec
lesson 16: Quick Tip 2

Finding your favorite HDR photos

2min, 6sec
lesson 17: HDR Workflow with Lightroom

Going over the entire HDR workflow with Lightroom

10min, 25sec
lesson 18: HDR Workflow with Bridge and Photoshop

Going over the entire HDR workflow with Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw

9min, 43sec
lesson 19: Conclusion

HDR photography is powerful stuff and we hope you learned a lot how about creating this style of image

32 sec
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Matt Kloskowski
meet  Matt Kloskowski
Lightroom Guru & Landscape Photographer
Matt is the founder of Matt Kloskowski Photography and Training. He specializes in outdoor, landscape, and nature photography along with editing with Photoshop, Lightroom, and ON1 apps. Matt was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2014 and is the best-selling author of over 20 books. Matt loves to educate others and spends much of his time teaching seminars around the world.
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