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There Are No Bad Originals, Part 2
Dan Margulis
with Dan Margulis
In the second part of this series, Dan Margulis works through a new set of images while demonstrating his methods for color correction. Dan moves images into and out of the LAB col... READ MORE
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There Are No Bad Originals, Part 2
lessons: 17 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 25min
published: 2010
watched: 433 Member Views
There Are No Bad Originals, Part 2
with Dan Margulis
In the second part of this series, Dan Margulis works through a new set of images while demonstrating his methods for color correction. Dan moves images into and out of the LAB color space, he uses his Man from Mars method, employs channels as layer masks, and makes sharpening adjustments using filters. Throughout the course, Dan urges viewers to question what constitutes a bad image and which version of an image is truly the original. Find out how to improve the color quality of your digital images by following along with this course. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Dan discusses what he will be covering in the course.

2min, 22sec
lesson 2: Glaciers

Getting rid of a blue color cast

16min, 23sec
lesson 3: Airline Terminal

Boost the colors in this grey picture using LAB color space adjustments

11min, 45sec
lesson 4: How to Color Correct

Dan would much prefer to have an image that is too colorful as opposed to working with one that does not have enough color.

12min, 3sec
lesson 5: Always Compare to the Original

It is important when doing color correction to not take colors to the extreme

6min, 2sec
lesson 6: Group Photo Just After Sunset

In this lesson, Dan adjusts the color on a very dark photo that was taken without much ambient light.

6min, 57sec
lesson 7: Blue Moonlight

Working with a photo of a ballet dancer under blue lights

7min, 52sec
lesson 8: Big Casts

Using curves to get rid of a big color cast and then applying a layer mask.

10min, 9sec
lesson 9: Knees

Getting rid of red spots from the skin on the knees, legs and feet

6min, 39sec
lesson 10: Greens

Using the Man from Mars method to correct some images of a flower.

6min, 47sec
lesson 11: Colorful Salad

This complex correction involves isolating a variety of colors found in this studio shot.

9min, 35sec
lesson 12: Seaside

This ocean image shows strong highlight detail which needs contrast.

9min, 7sec
lesson 13: Clouds

Bringing contrast to the clouds in the sky, while still maintaining balance with the trees, and the building in the foreground.

6min, 55sec
lesson 14: Intense Reds

This intense color has blocked out all of the detail in the shot.

9min, 37sec
lesson 15: Raw vs. JPEG

Comparing the Raw version with the JPEG version.

6min, 25sec
lesson 16: Which is the Original?

Is the RAW file the real original?

9min, 14sec
lesson 17: Final Lesson

Trying to bring back the detail in petro glyphs that have been bleached out.

8min, 11sec
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Dan Margulis
meet  Dan Margulis
Leading Authority on Color Correction
Dan is internationally regarded as the leading authority on color correction. He is the author of Professional Photoshop, the “unofficial bible” of the prepress and printing industries. Formerly a professional prepress manager with over 20 years experience, he now offers small-group, hands-on color correction classes around the world. In 2001, Dan was one of the first three people named to the Photoshop Hall of Fame.
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