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Recreate Lighting From Inspiration Photos
Lenworth Johnson
with Lenworth Johnson
lessons: 9 Course Lessons
duration: 34min
published: 2022
watched: 869 Member Views
Recreate Lighting From Inspiration Photos
with Lenworth Johnson
Learn how to recreate the lighting looks from your favorite inspirational photographs! Join Lenworth Johnson as he shares his three-step process for analyzing, deciding what was used, and then putting it all together in the recreation process. This is a great skill for developing your own lighting looks as well as being prepared if asked by a client to achieve a certain look. Lenworth demonstrates the process through five different model shoots showing his gear, settings, and final images. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Lesson 1 (free course preview)
The instructor introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow.
2min, 21sec
lesson 2: Lighting Modifiers
Lenworth describes the various lighting modifiers he uses on set.
2min, 0sec
lesson 3: Know the Steps
Lenworth describes what goes into each of the steps you need to take.
1min, 21sec
lesson 4: Walk Through the Process
Starting with the images provided by the client, Lenworth walks through all the steps for recreating the final image.
5min, 16sec
lesson 5: Recreating the First Look
Building on the previous lesson, Lenworth demonstrates his process on set to create the desired lighting look.
5min, 50sec
lesson 6: Recreating the Second Look
After the model has an outfit change, Lenworth demonstrates his process for recreating the second look.
2min, 48sec
lesson 7: Recreating the Third Look
Switching to a female model and a new lighting look, Lenworth shows how to recreate the lighting look.
4min, 3sec
lesson 8: Recreating the Fourth Look
With a clothing change and a new inspiration image Lenworth recreates the fourth lighting look.
2min, 22sec
lesson 9: Recreating Final Look
Changing up the background and outfit, Lenworth wraps up the class with a final demonstration.
8min, 20sec
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Lenworth Johnson
meet  Lenworth Johnson
Lenworth Johnson is a beauty and fashion photographer based in Houston, Texas.
Jamaican by birth with a natural gift for graphic design and photography, Lenworth grew up in Jamaica where he obtained his education and training. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performining Arts where he majored in graphic design and minored in photography. His work covers advertising, beauty, and fashion photography for commercial clients. His passion for photography resulted in him wining the Guru Award in 2019. He received Honorable Mention in 2020 Tokyo International Foto Awards, WPE International Silver Award 2021 first half, and two images in PPA’s Loan and Merit Collection. Lenworth has been published in Houston Voyage, Aesthetica, Dreamy, Edith, Moevir, Malvie, and Vigour magazines just to name a few.
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