Master High Key and Low Key Lighting

Lesson 1: High Key vs Low Key Light
Published: March 2018 with Lindsay Adler
Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes
High Key vs Low Key Light

About Course

Join Lindsay Adler in studio for a class all about the extremes of lighting! From low key to high key setups, Lindsay starts you at the beginning where your shoot’s purpose determines the type of lighting you will use and all the choices you make from that point onward. In the first half of the class Lindsay focuses on low key setups, with a look at the characteristics of low key photographs, to the modifiers you can use, to examples of her favorite setups. In the second half of the class Lindsay builds on what you’ve learned about low key lighting to morph into a variety of high key setups. All throughout the class Lindsay shares her perspectives on why and when she uses a particular set up, the gear she uses, the positions of the lights, and so much more. Get ready to have a whole new repertoire of lighting setups to add to your studio offerings.

This class is perfect for an intermediate or experienced photographer looking to experiment with extreme light.