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The LAB Frontier
Dan Margulis
with Dan Margulis
The LAB Frontier
lessons: 27 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 10min
published: 2008
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The LAB Frontier
with Dan Margulis
This course will focus on some of the more advanced techniques of LAB color correction. The course will cover a workflow that begins in RGB and ends in LAB for the purpose of color enhancement. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

An introduction and overview of the course

8min, 28sec
lesson 2: Real, Unprintable, and Imaginary Colors

What happens when LAB has colors that are outside not just the CMYK, but the RGB gamut.

8min, 58sec
lesson 3: LAB and the Perfect Sunset

How imaginary colors give LAB the advantage over working in RGB or CMYK

5min, 33sec
lesson 4: Retouching Blown-Out Areas

Retouching blown-out areas using imaginary colors in LAB

4min, 36sec
lesson 5: Painting in Color

The LAB advantage of painting in Color mode to repair blownout face areas

3min, 1sec
lesson 6: Using Blend If

Isolate blown-out areas for correction by painting

2min, 17sec
lesson 7: Low-Radius Sharpening

How conventional (low-radius) sharpening in LAB differs from using the same settings in RGB

3min, 2sec
lesson 8: Blurring Skies and Blend If

Sharpening in LAB

7min, 26sec
lesson 9: Compare LAB to RGB Sharpening

See the difference between the two methods

1min, 39sec
lesson 10: Sharpening the AB Channels

French Impressionism and sharpening the AB channels

2min, 42sec
lesson 11: When to Avoid Sharpening the AB Channels

Some situations will call for a different sharpening method

1min, 19sec
lesson 12: Hiraloam Sharpening

Hiraloam sharpening in both Luminosity and Color modes in an overall workflow context

10min, 24sec
lesson 13: Multiply Mode

The importance of multiply mode to enhance the quartertone

3min, 32sec
lesson 14: Choosing the Proper Layer Mask

Choosing the proper layer mask for an LAB multiplication

3min, 15sec
lesson 15: Another Example

Here is another example of how to choose the proper layer mask

2min, 12sec
lesson 16: LAB Is Not Rocket Science

Noise reduction in LAB isn't rocket science

3min, 13sec
lesson 17: The M.P.P.S.

Reduction of color-only moires in LAB

1min, 31sec
lesson 18: Blending with the AB Channels

Blending with the AB channels to remove complicated moires

4min, 58sec
lesson 19: Comparing Methods

Blending the A or B into the L versus using the A or B as a mask

4min, 45sec
lesson 20: Overlaying the A and/or B Onto Itself

These two blends can accomplish a great deal if you understand how to use them

2min, 37sec
lesson 21: The Man From Mars Method

The Man from Mars Method in combination with a final Darken/Lighten blend from the A and/or B

6min, 4sec
lesson 22: The Man from Mars Method for Fleshtones

The Man from Mars Method for fleshtones, with final AB blend to limit damage

6min, 38sec
lesson 23: A Comprehensive RGB to LAB Workflow

A comprehensive RGB to LAB workflow to break colors apart in a heavily-casted maritime scene

12min, 36sec
lesson 24: RGB Channel Blending

RGB channel blending as a prelude to the Man from Mars Method

3min, 18sec
lesson 25: More Practice with the RGB/LAB Workflow

The RGB/LAB workflow and an outdoor family shot

5min, 57sec
lesson 26: The Workflow with Wildlife Photography

RGB/LAB workflow and wildlife photography

6min, 58sec
lesson 27: Conclusion

Thanks for following along. Hope you learned a lot.

3min, 26sec
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