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Sony DSLRs Camera Basics
Matt Kloskowski
with Matt Kloskowski
Sony DSLRs Camera Basics
lessons: 11 Course Lessons
duration: 44min
published: 2013
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Sony DSLRs Camera Basics
with Matt Kloskowski
This class is designed to accelerate your entry into DSLR photography with a focus on the fundamental skills and concepts you need to take your photography to the next level. While this class is not focused on any one Sony camera model, Matt and RC have created this class specifically with the Sony user in mind. By customizing the language and terminology of photography basics around the Sony family of DSLRs you'll be able to follow along more closely with your Sony camera in hand. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Getting Started (free course preview)

There's no better way to get started with your DSLR than learning how to hold it correctly and choosing the right shooting mode.

7min, 54sec
lesson 2: Auto vs. Program Mode

It is important to understand the differences between shooting in Auto and Program modes.

3min, 23sec
lesson 3: Scene Modes

There are a number of scene modes built-into the camera that are designed to choose the optimal settings for different scenes.

1min, 44sec
lesson 4: Aperture Priority Mode

The aperture setting has a big impact on the depth of field in your photo, which determines how much of the photo is sharply in focus.

3min, 45sec
lesson 5: Using Exposure Compensation

Sometimes the light meter in the camera can be fooled by extremely bright or dark areas in a scene, so it is important to know how to use the exposure compensation setting to correct the exposure.

4min, 11sec
lesson 6: Understanding the ISO Setting

The ISO setting controls how sensitive the sensor is to light. Understanding how this setting impacts your shutter speed is important for getting sharp photos in low light.

5min, 20sec
lesson 7: Setting the Focus Point

Placing the focus point on the most important part of the scene is critical to getting great photos.

4min, 12sec
lesson 8: Adjusting the White Balance

The white balance setting is important for telling the camera to correctly adjust for the color temperature of the light in the scene.

3min, 4sec
lesson 9: Raw vs. JPG

Lean the differences between shooting in raw versus JPG mode so that you can make the right choice for your needs.

3min, 1sec
lesson 10: Using Live View

Most DSLRs can display the view through the lens on the back of the LCD screen, which is called Live View mode.

2min, 28sec
lesson 11: Getting to the Next Level

After covering all of the basics Matt and RC leave you with a few additional tips to take your photos to the next level.

5min, 20sec
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